Which Kardashian Sister Has Had Plastic Surgery?

The Kardashian family has been under the microscope for well over 10 years, with the tawdry details of their lives, relationships, and looks on display for all to see and comment on. The family is famous for their beauty, especially middle sister Kim Kardashian, but at one time or another, every sister has had to face up to lingering rumors about plastic surgery. Have the sisters had plastic surgery? We break down the rumors and separate truth from fiction.

How much plastic surgery has Kylie Jenner had?

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The youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister, Kylie Jenner has definitely undergone a dramatic physical transformation. First introduced to the world on Keeping Up With the Kardashianswhen she was just a young girl, Jenner has grown up in the public eye. Admittedly, that would be difficult for anyone, especially when it comes to public scrutiny over appearance.

Several years ago, Jenner made headlines when she stepped out with what appeared like much fuller lips. At first, Jenner said the fuller lips were the result of overdrawing her lip liner but finally admitted that she had gotten lip fillers because she was insecure about her naturally thin lips. It didn’t stop at the lips – Jenner’s face looks almost totally different than what it did only a couple years ago. In a recent interview, Kylie Jenner emphasized that while she has had lip filler and filler injected into other parts of her face, she’s never had the extensive plastic surgery that people speculate about. Jenner says that she would be “much too scared” to get heavy plastic surgery.

Has Khloe Kardashian gone under the knife?

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Another member of the famous family who’s looks have changed extensively, Khloe Kardashian, has had to deal with her fair share of shamers and haters. For years, she was known as “the fat sister,” but following her divorce from ex-husband Lamar Odom, Kardashian turned her life around and started hitting the gym on a regular basis.

Kardashian lost a lot of weight, but her face also seemed to change a great deal. Eagle-eyed fans have been accusing Kardashian of getting plastic surgery ever since, especially when it came to her much narrower nose. Kardashian acknowledged the rumors by saying that while she contoured her face heavily with makeup, she has never had a nose job. 

However, she has said that she’s not against plastic surgery and that it should be a personal decision, like makeup or hair dye – so someday, fans might see her step out with a drastically altered appearance.

Kim Kardashian’s plastic surgery 

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She’s probably the most famous member of the family, who first popped on the radar for her infamous sex tape – and Kim Kardashian remains a hot topic in the tabloids. For years, Kardashian has battled rumors of extensive plastic surgery, with headlines claiming that she’s had butt implants, a nose job, and even facial reconstruction.

As it turns out, while she doesn’t exactly keep things natural, Kim Kardashian hasn’t subjected herself to the rounds of plastic surgery that the public assumes. In a recent interview, Kim Kardashian stated she’s never had a nose job and her changing looks can be attributed to really good makeup technique and expert facial contouring. Kardashian did freely admit to having regular Botox procedures to battle the effects of aging. However, it seems that with Kim Kardashian, trickery has more to do with her changing appearance than the surgeon’s knife – she said certain photos make her look totally different on a day to day basis and she doesn’t even smile in photos anymore to avoid lines in her face.

While the Kardashian family might not have had the extensive plastic surgery that the rumors say, it seems as though they are all well aware of how expensive makeup can change the way a person’s face looks.