Which Marvel Villain Is Richest? The Surprising Answer

The Marvel Universe is packed with heroes who are simply swimming in money. The films include the talents of superstars who not only dominate the Marvel franchise but also bankroll millions. 

Robert Downey Jr., for instance, has an estimated net worth of over $250 million dollars and makes a percentage of the profits off of the Marvel movies in which he stars. His costars Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth all have swoon-worthy salaries from the films as well.

But, what about the villains like Tom Hiddleston? Are they paid as well as the heroes?

Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Marvel’s heroes earn the big bucks

From Spiderman to the X-men and Captain America and beyond. Marvel’s heroes are not only admirable, they earn massive salaries to save the world from bad guys. Even 22-year old newcomer Tom Holland is starting to increase his bankroll. Peter Parker has treated Holland well, and it’s estimated that the young star has already accumulated a net worth near $4 million dollars.

Marvels more famous actors are paid even more. Some of the actors earn millions while working on a single film. Chris Hemsworth tops the list, earning upwards of $76 million dollars for the most recent Avengers film. He’s closely followed by Downey Jr. ($66 million), Bradley Cooper ($57 million), and Scarlett Johansson ($56 million).

The most famous Marvel villains

Most comic book aficionados would agree that the most iconic, and perhaps most fearsome bad guy in the Marvel universe, is Doctor Doom. One of the most powerful sorcerers ever created, you probably recognize him from the Fantastic Four movies as a pretty formidable foe.

In comic book form, he was even more terrible. Actor, Toby Kebbell, who is credited with playing Doctor Doom in the Fantastic Four movie — although he doesn’t appear much and the character isn’t really called Doctor Doom — has a net worth of $17 million dollars. Most of that though, he earned from different roles. His salary from playing the marvel supervillain is undisclosed, but due to most of his scenes being cut in the final copy, it can’t have been much.

Second in line when listing the worst (best?) villains that Marvel has to offer is usually Magneto, who is played, most notably by Michael Fassbender. Fassbender has an estimated net worth of just under $30 million dollars.

The most famous villains aren’t the richest

Despite not being the most famous villain in the Marvel Universe, actor Robert Redford, who plays Alexander Pierce, has the highest net worth of all the Marvel Villains. This is likely due to the fact that he has earned the majority of his wealth outside of his gig with Marvel. Celebrity Net Worth lists his current value at over $170 million dollars. Of course, Redford’s career spans more than 60 years in which he has accumulated his wealth is not just acting, but also directing films and amassing real estate.

Another surprisingly wealthy villain: Kurt Russel’s Ego

Kurt Russel plays Ego, the Living Planet in Guardians of the Galaxy, where he is (somehow) also Starlord’s father. Comic book enthusiasts can probably understand the complex lineage, but even Russel has a hard time figuring it out. He tells interviewers that he was not really a comic aficionado and doesn’t have all the answers. When asked if Ego had any other children, he skirted the question well.

“I can’t answer that,” he says. “You know, there may be some Marvel answer to that, that I don’t — you’ve got to understand, you’re talking to someone who’s not — I’m not, I never was. I just like movies and stories and stuff, so I don’t happen to be an aficionado.”

Regardless of his comic book knowledge, the man-made a significant amount of money as Ego, but that’s not where his fortune comes from. Russel is currently worth around $70 million dollars.