Which Member of the Bates Family Had the Most Elaborate Proposal?

Bringing Up Bates is now in its 8th season, and the cameras have been busy catching fans up on what’s been going on with the family in recent months. In January fans were treated to a glimpse into the proposal that Evan Stewart planned for his future bride, Carlin Bates. In the elaborate proposal, complete with a surprise trip, Stewart, 23, asked Carlin, 20, to be his bride. A joyous yes sealed the deal. While Stewart’s camera-ready proposal was big, he isn’t the first man to go all out to marry into the Bates clan, so which family member had the most elaborate proposal?

A Maine extravaganza

Stewart, to execute his big plan, enlisted the help of his parents, as well as Carlin’s parents and older sister. Together they planned a trip to Portland, Maine, where they enjoyed the sites, feasted on lobster, then took a private bike ride.

Stewart and the family found a lighthouse that he thought would be a perfect engagement spot, and they lined the entire area with white roses. Stewart led Bates to the area before getting down on one knee for a picturesque proposal, according to Knox News.

The pair, whose engagement took place in September 2018 will wed in an elaborate ceremony in May 2019. They began courting in 2016, according to In Touch.

Kelton Balka used a trip to propose, too

Kelton Balka, who married Josie Bates in October 2018, planned an elaborate proposal that depended on a trip, too. Balka, 23 and Bates, 19 courted for just a few months before becoming engaged. A far cry from her older sister’s much lengthier courtship.

To propose, Balka whisked Bates, who was a college student at the time, away to Utah. The pair, who are both from Tennessee enjoyed the sites, but Balka had more planned. He crafted a scavenger hunt for Bates to follow. The final clue led Bates to the proposal, according to Knox News.

The pair married just a few months after they became engaged and now are expecting their first child together. Balka and Bates announced the pregnancy on Instagram in February. They are due in July 2019.

A scavenger hunt in 2015

Michaella Bates, now 29, and Brandon Keilen, also 29, have been married since 2015, and his elaborate proposal was the first in a never ending line of engagements. Beilen planned a scavenger hunt that dragged his now wife all over the greater Virginia area, before he popped the big question. Keilen was not with Michaella as she traversed the scenery, but he met her at the final destination.

The pair married in August 2015 after courting for over a year. They couple, who resides in Tennessee have been open in recent years about their struggle with infertility. They have documented seeing specialists for Bringing Up Bates.