Which Movies Open on Christmas Day 2019?

Christmas Day is an awesome day for opening all those gifts, enjoying French toast and hot cocoa with family, and before that big afternoon dinner – time to take in a movie!

It's time for Christmas Day movies!
It’s time for Christmas Day movies! | Daniel Knighton/Getty Images

Here are the major films opening this Dec. 25, 2019. There truly is something for everyone.

‘A Hidden Life’

This new movie is the story of Austrian Franz Jägerstätter  (played by August Diehl), a conscientious objector who during World War II refused to fight for the Nazis. That said, this film is a demanding watch, lasting almost three hours.

Entertainment Weekly says A Hidden Life transforms “a true tale of conscientious objection into a ravishing portrait of goodness in a time of tyranny. August Diehl plays Franz Jägerstätter, an Austrian citizen drafted into wartime military service who refused to swear an oath of fealty to Adolf Hitler. Today we recognize that as a heroic act, halfway to sainthood.”

‘The Song of Names’

In The Song of Names, Martin Simmonds, played by Tim Roth, has been tormented all his life by the sudden disappearance in 1951 of his good friend, virtuoso violinist, Dovidl Rapaport. Forty years later, Simmonds learns he might be alive and becomes obsessed with finding him.

 “I always start with the words,” Oscar-winning composer Howard Shore told Hollywood Life. “[The novel, the screenplay]. . . we probably spent about 2 years working out all of the detail of the on-screen performances. . . After the film was edited, I had to write the score and record the score.”

‘Just Mercy’

Just Mercy follows young attorney Bryan Stevenson (played by Michael B. Jordan of the Creed movies) who runs a law office for the wrongly accused and the poor. One of the first cases he comes across? A death-row inmate (Jamie Foxx) sentenced to execution for a headline-making murder he swears he didn’t commit.

The Guardian says, “Just Mercy is a straightforward, no-frills drama that does have an undeniably emotive effect. The finale, in particular,. . . is incredibly moving and the film’s epilogue reminds you that Stevenson’s brave, important work is sadly not over.

‘Spies in Disguise’

In the animated Spies in Disguise, super spy Lance Sterling (Will Smith) and scientist Walter Beckett (Tom Holland) are the ultimate odd couple. Lance is cool, smooth, and all elegance. Walter is…not. When things go awry, the two men realize they have to depend on one another big time. If not, it could literally mean the end of the world.

Entertainment Weekly calls Spies in Disguise “a proud piece of family entertainment with a good heart, an eye for inventive action, and a delightfully wacky sense of humor.”


Skyfall director Sam Mendes is at the helm of this World War I epic. Told in incredibly ambitious one long camera shotthe film follows two young English soldiers in the First World War. The servicemen must travel through their enemy’s territory to deliver a message that could potentially keep their fellow soldiers from becoming snared in a trap. If they succeed in their mission, they could possibly save 1,600 lives.

“…what makes the vivid film such an astounding effort – and one of the year’s best movies,” USA Today said in its review, “is that it’s edited seamlessly as one continuous real-time take, following a couple of Brits through rat-infested trenches, sniper-filled towns and even empty battlefields where the Grim Reaper’s been busy.”

‘Little Women’

Undoubtedly the film that has been most awaited this holiday season is this remake of the classic Little Women following the March sisters as they navigate life after the Civil War.

One of the movie’s leading ladies, Meryl Streep, who plays Aunt March in the film said, “It’s the first great, honestly epic movie shot by a woman, from a woman’s point of view, written by a woman, from a source of a woman’s novel. And the men in it are great.”