Which One of Joanna Gaines’ Children Is Most Like Her?

When it comes to busy families, Chip and Joanna Gaines have mastered the art of doing it all. While Fixer Upper was their HGTV venture that catapulted them into fame, we’ve watched this dynamic duo go from business venture to business venture with great success. And even though they may no longer be creating new episodes for their beloved TV show, they’re still creating events for the Waco, Texas community, keeping up with Magnolia Market, running their restaurant, writing design and cookbooks, and following through with their home decor lines.

Business aside, we can’t forget about Chip and Joanna’s five kids. The most recent member of the family, Crew, was just born in the summer of 2018 — and it’s clear the couple’s taking a step back to focus on their kids. And when it comes to the child most like Joanna, there’s one we all have in mind.

Emmie Kay was the youngest of the Gaines family for awhile

Emmie Gaines watering plants

Emmie watering plants | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

It’s often thought that the youngest child of the family gets the most doted on, and such may have been the case for Emmie Kay. At just 8 years old, fans loved seeing her make cameo appearances on Fixer Upper. And while many figured she would be the last Gaines child, Joanna’s surprise pregnancy at 40 means she’s now one of the middle children since baby Crew was born.

Though she’s just a child, fans are already sensing Joanna and Emmie’s close relationship. While Chip and Joanna certainly do their best to establish differences and connections with each of their five children (the older ones are Drake, 13; Ella, 11; and Duke, 10), we have a hunch Emmie might be a little Joanna in the making.

The 1 photo where she looks just like Joanna

Emmie Kay Gaines and baby Crew

Joanna Gaines’ daughter and Crew | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

Chip and Joanna post photos of their kids on their Instagram all the time — but one photo caught the attention of their fans more than others. In this Instagram post, Emmie is cuddling baby Crew, and Joanna even added “Snuggle time” as the caption. Though Joanna added the hashtag #emmiekay to alert her followers it wasn’t a photo of herself, upon first glance, many had to do a double take. The angle makes 8-year-old Emmie look exactly like her mother.

In the comments, many noted just how striking their resemblance is, too. As one Instagram user noted, “I thought this was you! Never realize how much you and Emmie look alike!” Us Weekly reports. Another even said, “Emmie is your twin!”

Emmie is already taking a liking to gardening and design work

Emmie gaines tree goats

Emmie Gaines with tree goats | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

It’s not just their looks that have fans thinking Emmie and Joanna have a special mother-daughter bond unlike any other. In a recent Instagram post, Joanna noted during a particularly tired morning following a sleepless night with Crew, she followed Emmie out to their garden. She didn’t have anything planned to play with Emmie, so she just “followed along in her imaginations and curiosities.” Then, Joanna recounts, “She told me she wanted to pick flowers and put them in old books that only her and I would know about and then look for them later when we got older.”

Together, the mother and daughter gathered book and flowers to begin the process. The two even found old pressed flowers in the books that others had left before them. Joanna reiterates, “Look for grace in the moments, the small wins that lead to the greatest investments in their little hearts.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Emmie and Joanna connecting, either. Us Weekly reports Joanna has also talked about how her youngest daughter sold fresh floral arrangements over the summer. And Chip also has a special connection to his daughter, too. We can’t forget the time she “helped” him install wall treatments on Fixer Upper. 

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