Which ‘Real Housewife’ Was the Most Talked About in 2018?

‘The Real Housewives of New York City’ reunion with Andy Cohen | Charles Sykes/Bravo

Everyone has their favorite Real Housewife. From NeNe Leaks on The Real Housewives of Atlanta to Bethenny Frankel on The Real Housewives of New York City, fans are loyalists. Most recently Andy Cohen from Watch What Happens Live featured the originals on O Come OG Faithful where original fan favorites were featured.

And while some Real Housewives fans would fight tooth and nail for their favorite lady, TV Guide recently ranked all 46 women. Sounds a little sacrilegious considering every fan has a specific reason why they love certain cast members. However, TV Guide identified their number one based on which lady was most talked about in 2018. So who has the distinct honor of being number one in 2018?

Everyone likes a comeback

Of all 46 ladies, Luann de Lesseps scored TV Guide’s number one spot. Why? For the most part, it is because de Lesseps had a year stocked full of loss and embarrassing setbacks. Before 2018 began, de Lesseps entered the year with a bang.

She was newly divorced from Tom D’Agostino and returned to the area where the couple married less than a year ago. It was Christmas and while de Lesseps claims her goal was not to get drunk on Christmas Eve, she had one too many cocktails. Then she proceeded to cause a ruckus at her hotel. And eventually, when the cops were called, assaulted a police officer.

She took steps to make life better

Following her arrest, de Lesseps entered rehab. And while some friends were supportive, others (Dorinda Medley) made cracks about her struggle. De Lesseps appeared on Dr. Oz and responded to the question of whether she thought she was an alcoholic. “You know, it’s a good question,” People recounts. “I don’t really know. I think that I’m a self-medicator, that’s for sure.” She adds she was probably alcohol to “numb my pain and my emotions until it didn’t work for me anymore, until it got me into a lot of trouble.”

But had another setback

Unfortunately, not long after her initial stint in rehab, de Lesseps re-entered rehab, causing her to miss the RHONYC reunion. She told Megyn Kelly news that her ex-husband Alexandre de Lesseps accused her of stealing money from her children. That alone pushed her over the edge. “I found out about this whole story, that I was getting sued, in the press,” de Lesseps said, Page Six recounts. “That was devastating, I felt betrayed, I felt so hurt by that. I had my heart set on that house, my heart. I was devastated and I lost it.”

She dove into watermelon martinis with a friend as a stress reducer. “I had two or three of those, then I think two bottles of rosé wine by myself, and then I probably had a six-pack of beer or something. I was dancing in my kitchen with a bikini on,” she said.

But now she’s on her way up

After the first time in rehab, de Lesseps threw herself into doing a cabaret show. She started it in New York City and took her show on the road. Countess and Friends is touring the country and has dates extending well into 2019.

Her show is a mix of singing and jokes. With the jokes getting better reviews. “As stunning and regal as Luann is physically, her voice is — let me think of a kind way to put this — the. exact. opposite,” radio-show host Michelle Collins wrote for Vanity Fair. “As stunning and regal as Luann is physically, her voice is — let me think of a kind w But there is something hypnotic about watching maybe the most glamorous woman in New York do something so, so badly. Her attempts at humor played better. . . . ”

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