Which Scene In ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Was The Most Difficult For Millie Bobby Brown To Film?

When it comes to acting, Millie Bobby Brown is one to give 100% of herself to the character she is portraying.

Though the actress makes filming scenes for Stranger Things seem like a fun time with her behind-the scenes Instagram posts, some things are definitely harder for her to film than others.

Millie Bobby Brown | Amy Sussman/Getty Images
Millie Bobby Brown | Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Recently, Millie Bobby Brown took to social media to share which scene from Season 3 was the hardest for her to film and honestly, we can’t blame her for this one.

Playing a character with telepathic powers isn’t the easiest

Being an actor is hard enough but being one who also does their own stunts just makes the profession even more of a challenge.

While many actors love doing their own stunts, it does come along with a few rough patches.

Millie Bobby Brown has shown Stranger Things fans that she isn’t afraid to give her all when it comes to portraying the character, Eleven.

From shaving all of her hair off to doing her own stunts, Brown takes on challenges head-on when it comes to her character, but sometimes, certain scenes are harder to film than others.

On July 23, Brown took to Instagram to reveal which Stranger Things scene was the hardest for her to film and after seeing the post, many of us could easily see why.

The actress shared a behind-the-scenes video from the Season 3 episode “E Pluribus Unum” where her character, Eleven, has to repeatedly spin backwards while trying to telepathically contact Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery).


Even though Brown spins in slo-mo during the intense scene, this footage shows her strapped in a harness and spinning pretty fast, which she revealed, actually made her throw up.

“U spin me right round baby right round ahhhh (threw up after this),” Brown wrote in the caption.

While that scene was definitely intense to watch, we can now see just how dedicated Millie Bobby Brown is to her character.

Brown didn’t have to endure those hard scenes alone

Since being introduced as Eleven to the world, Brown has received praise for her acting on the series.

While she’s had to endure some pretty intense scenes (including the one where Eleven had to rip out a demonic slug from inside her leg) Millie Bobby Brown recently revealed that she wouldn’t have been able to get through them without her supportive co-stars.

In an Instagram post, Brown shared a photo of her and Dacre Montgomery on set along with a caption that praised him for always being there for her, especially during those hard scenes.


“One of my favorite people I’ve gotten to work with. Always so considerate and kind to me while filming some of the toughest scenes I’ve ever filmed,” Brown wrote.

While the scenes are getting harder for Millie Bobby Brown to film, it’s good to know that she has people to help her get through those tough times.