Which ‘SNL’ Star Can’t Get Enough of ‘Below Deck’?

Bravo’s Below Deck has become an indulgent guilty pleasure. Or, maybe not so guilty. Some people are being loud and proud about loving the show.

While some viewers wouldn’t publicly admit to diving deeply into reality television, a number of high profile people, including celebrities are all about their love of Below Deck. It is certainly no secret that the “Sexiest Man Alive,” John Legend and wife Chrissy Teigen are all in with the series.

Leslie Jones is a guest on 'Good Morning America'
Leslie Jones is a guest on ‘Good Morning America’ |Paula Lobo/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Actor Seth Rogen and his mom Sandy have also shared that they love the show. In fact, Bravo tried to coax Sandy Rogen into signing up to be a charter guest when she tweeted about getting sucked into a marathon over the holidays. Now, another star shared that she simply can’t get enough of Below Deck. Her tweet about the show has chief stew, Kate Chastain, feeling warm and fuzzy.

She can’t keep this to herself any longer

The latest star to take her love of Below Deck public is Saturday Night Live cast member, Leslie Jones. She’s been lowkey loving the show and couldn’t keep it inside any longer. “Ok I’ve been secretly watching @bravo Below Deck @Kate_Chastain @capthlr is my fav. #igetsickassoonasisteponaboat,” she tweeted.

When a few fans commented, Jones remarked about how she and Captain Lee Rosbach could match each other with the “Captain Lee-isms.” She commented, “Oh me and @capthlr is definitely related he is my distance uncle. Cause I don’t know how many times a week I say ‘don’t write a check your ass can’t cash!’ Like religiously!!”

The fans were here for the thread, including Chastain, who seemed to fangirl over Jones. She responded to the thread, “This is amazing.” Chastain also shared the tweet. “This retweet is just me twitter flexing. That’s it.”

Can we make a Leslie Jones charter happen (please)?

Jones responded to Chastain’s retweet and comment too. “Yo I know for a fact that e are supposed to be homegirls,” Jones wrote. “You literally say everything I’m thinking. And Aston need to check himself!!”

Chastain agreed (100%). Which of course sparked a flood of fans begging for Bravo to ask Jones to be the next charter guest. Jones is into it too. “How do I get on this boat?!” she asked on her original thread. Fans also want Jones on the next charter … stat. “Now we’re talking. Leslie Jones @lesdoggg as a charter guest would be the best @belowdeck ever,” one person remarked.

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What a view of the Chief Stew.

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While Jones would love to be a charter guest, her seasickness may pose a problem. One solution could be to connect with former third stew Kasey Cohen before embarking upon a charter. Cohen, who was an experienced yachtie, became extremely seasick during her season of Below Deck Mediterranean. She said seeing the horizon and some pretty effective medication helped her to ride out the rest of the season.

She told Showbiz Cheat Sheet she also had to get used to the rougher waters in the Med too. “I also had to get used to the water, but later I had more responsibility in terms of being in the fresh air and being around the guests.”