Who Are Colin Jost and Michael Che? This Year’s Emmy Hosts Are a Guaranteed Good Time

Saturday Night Live's Michael Che and Colin Jost

Saturday Night Live’s Michael Che and Colin Jost join Xbox Live Sessions. | Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Xbox

The Emmy Awards were started as a celebration of television’s best shows, actors, concepts, and crews. In the age of constant entertainment, the show itself has had to work to stay relevant among younger viewers who rarely tune in to live TV.

Enter the pull of the Emmy host. Since the award show rotates between the Big Four — ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS — it’s become a spot for the networks to highlight their popular late-night talent (Stephen Colbert hosted last year’s show when it aired on CBS and Jimmy Kimmel the year before for ABC).

Rather than send Jimmy Fallon or Seth Meyers off to the races, NBC’s popular Saturday Night Live “Weekend Update” hosts, Michael Che and Colin Jost, were elected to host the 70th Emmy Awards on Monday, September 17. The pair is entering their fourth year as Weekend Update co-hosts and has been ranked among the best of the Update anchors.

Michael Che started doing stand up in 2009

He began writing for SNL four years later and took over for castmember Cecily Strong as Jost’s co-host in 2014. Che is known to tackle and explore political matters and social injustices in both his Update okes and his standup, including his Netflix special Michael Che Matters.

The Emmy host has indicated things may get political at this year’s awards as well. “There’s gonna be political jokes and we’re gonna come out on the wrong side of history, for sure. We’re aiming toward it,” he joked to the Associated Press. Overall, he concluded that they planned to “keep things loose” at the awards, telling Ellen Degeneres, “You know how it is to host those awards shows. It’s about kinda just keeping everybody entertained, but the real job, or the real pressure, is for the nominees. That’s what the show is for, so we’re just trying to keep it moving. It’s really not up to us.”

Che’s Instagram followers know the host isn’t above making jokes at Jost’s expense. Che has a running bit on his Instagram story where he jokes of racist, homophobic things he pretends Jost does. While Jost has yet to comment, we assume he follows the joke.

Colin Jost Michael Che 70th Emmys

Presenters Colin Jost and Michael Che roll out the gold carpet for the 70th Emmy Awards. | Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Colin Jost has been at ‘SNL’ since 2005

Jost was hired as a writer at SNL shortly after graduating college at 22 years old. He gradually rose through the ranks of the writer’s room, becoming a writing supervisor in 2009 and co-head writer in 2012. He was asked to take Seth Meyer’s spot at the Update desk when the former cast member left for his own late-night show. As of 2018, Jost is both a Weekend Update writer and co-head writer with Che.

Jost began dating actress Scarlett Johanson in December 2017, a relationship that Che has made a few jokes about and one that fans wonder if they’ll hear more of at the awards. Che is already making comments at the couples’ expense when Ellen asked: “Has [the relationship] affected your friendship? Are you like, the third wheel on dates and stuff?”

Che claimed Jost has “changed a lot since,” telling Colin, “You don’t invite me places and when you do, you ditch me.” Jost replied with a fair point, reminding Che he doesn’t invite him anywhere, either.

Regardless of who does or doesn’t invite whom, the two will both be suited up and present at the 70th Emmy Awards on Monday, September 14 … and they’re not afraid (OK, Jost admitted to being a bit nervous).

“You can’t be nervous. It’s comedy,” Che told NPR. “If I was a fireman I’d be scared. Firemen should be afraid. … But for comedy, we’re literally going out there and we’re just going to tell some jokes and people are going to like them or not. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

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