Who Are Meghan Markle’s Parents?

Meghan Markle is making quite a positive impact in her new role as Duchess of Sussex. She and her husband, Prince Harry, are expecting their first child any day now, and the world couldn’t be happier for the royal couple.

As we know, Meghan grew up in Los Angeles, California, where her mother still lives. During the past year, there has been more than a bit of drama surrounding Meghan’s family. In particular, her half-sister Samantha Grant and her estranged father Thomas Markle. Samantha never hesitates to talk about Meghan on social media and in interviews and has been keeping herself in the spotlight ever since her younger sister announced her engagement to Harry.

Her father, who has been divorced from her mother since 1987, is not nearly as vocal, leaving many royal fans to wonder a bit about him. While Meghan is close to her mother, we don’t really know that much about her, either.

So, who exactly are the parents of Meghan Markle?

Who is Meghan Markle’s father?

Thomas Markle is a former lighting director who spent years working on the set of the popular sitcom, Married With Children. Meghan spent a lot of time with her father at work, which is how she was introduced into the world of acting. Currently living in Mexico, Thomas has dealt with some health problems in the past year or so, which is why he was forced to miss the wedding of his daughter to Harry. Since then, he and Meghan have been estranged, with Thomas giving several media interviews, hurting Meghan’s feelings as a result. Meghan also wrote her father a letter, and instead of keeping it private, he made the decision to share it with the world, further betraying the duchess.

Who is Meghan Markle’s mother?

Meghan’s relationship with her mother, Doria Ragland, couldn’t be more different than the one she has with her father. The two are extremely close, with Doria being the only family member in attendance at Meghan and Harry’s wedding. As fans know, Meghan’s mother affectionately calls her by the nickname “Flower,” further proving that the two have an excellent relationship. They talk all the time and Doria is close to her new son-in-law, Harry, as well. Luckily, he couldn’t adore her more.

For several years, Doria was employed as a social worker and was also a yoga instructor. She dotes on her daughter and has made several trips to England to spend time with Meghan and Harry in the past year. There is even some speculation that she may be relocating across the pond to London when the royal baby is born.

Was Meghan Meghan Markle ever close to her father?

Apparently, they were! There are many happy pictures of Meghan and her father during her childhood and teenage years. Up until a few days before the royal wedding in May 2018, Thomas was planning on flying to London to walk his daughter down the aisle to her waiting prince. After an incident in which he apparently staged paparazzi photos in order to cash in on the royal wedding, it was revealed that Meghan’s father had fallen ill and was unable to travel to England at that time. The two have been estranged ever since, with Thomas expressing concern that he will never meet his soon-to-be-born grandchild.

Will Meghan Markle reconcile with her father?

That remains to be seen! Meghan and Harry have not released any statements or spoken publicly regarding the relationship with Thomas. Although Meghan is extremely close to her mother, it is not known how Doria feels about the situation, either. Right now, it seems that Meghan is focusing on the upcoming birth of her baby, with Doria flying to London to be by her daughter’s side as she embarks on her new adventure into motherhood. We adore Meghan, and are keeping her as well as her family in our thoughts!