Who Diana Prince’s New Love Interest Might Be in ‘Wonder Woman 2’

Will Diana Prince have a new love interest in Wonder Woman 2? That’s what an interview with director Patty Jenkins suggests. While speaking to Variety, Jenkins said that the upcoming superhero sequel will be “a great love story again.” Considering Wonder Woman’s love interest died at the end of the first Wonder Woman, this raised some eyebrows.

So did Jenkins just give away that Diana has a new boyfriend in the sequel? And if so, who might it be? Here are some possibilities based on the comics, including the very intriguing information we learned in June 2018 that could change the game (page 5).

Trevor Barnes

Trevor Barnes in a comic strip.

Trevor Barnes would be an interesting love interest. | DC Comics

One character that comes to mind as a possible love interest is Trevor Barnes. In the comics, Barnes is a man who works for the United Nations Organization for Rural Development. DC introduced him in 2001’s Wonder Woman #170. Interestingly, one of the first things we see happen with Trevor is that Diana asks him on a date and he says no.

Barnes’ relationship with Wonder Woman doesn’t last very long. He and Wonder Woman aren’t exactly some iconic pairing. But that just means there’s room to expand on his character in Wonder Woman 2, and it would be great to see a black actor getting the role of the love interest in this major superhero film.


Wonder Woman seen tying Nemesis with a gold string.

A worthy partner for the iconic character | YouTube

Nemesis was introduced in the DC comics in 1980, but not as a Wonder Woman love interest. Thomas Tresser is a vigilante who becomes a spy for the U.S. government. He didn’t really have anything to do with Wonder Woman until a 2006 storyline in which he worked alongside Diana at The Department of Metahuman Affairs.

Diana eventually begins courting Tresser, even bringing him back to Themyscira to meet her family. But Tresser soon realizes that Diana doesn’t really love him and just wanted to have children. And so the relationship between the two ends not with some tragic death, but with the two agreeing to break up.

Nemesis actually has a major story arc in the comics with the Suicide Squad. So theoretically, this could be a character that continues existing outside of the Wonder Woman movies and who could appear in Suicide Squad 2


Wonder Woman kisses Batman on the cheek.

Are Wonder Woman and Batman an item? | Giphy

In various comic book storylines, Wonder Woman has been paired with Superman, Aquaman, and Batman. In the DC movies, only the latter has really been hinted at, with Diana and Bruce Wayne flirting a bit in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of JusticeJustice League continued to develop some sexual tension between the two.

In the past, a full-on relationship between Wonder Woman and Batman has been explored, most notably on the TV shows Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. However, it sounds like this is fairly unlikely for Wonder Woman 2. After all, DC President Geoff Johns told Vulture earlier this year that the intent is for future movies to de-emphasize the “cinematic universe” idea, not having them be that connected to one another.

Especially after the failure of Justice Leauge, it sounds like DC will want audiences to be able to just watch Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 2 without the rest of the movies, and continuing to develop the Batman relationship would, therefore, be counterintuitive. Plus, Ben Affleck reportedly wants out sooner rather than later. 

A descendant of Steve Trevor

Wonder Woman carrying Steve Trevor.

A descendant of Steve Trevor could catch her eye. | Giphy

For months, there had been a rumor that Chris Pine would return in the Wonder Woman sequel, and now, this has been confirmed. That obviously raises some questions, considering Steve Trevor died in the first movie. But one theory is that Pine will return playing a descendant of Steve.

The movie will take place during 1984, so that would mean that the character in the sequel would have to be Steve’s grandson. If Steve had a child not long before the events of the first movie, it checks out that the grandson could be about Chris Pine’s age in the 1980s.

There’s precedent for this, as the Wonder Woman TV series pulled basically the same trick. The original Steve Trevor is killed off between seasons of that show, only for the same actor to return playing Steve Trevor’s son, Steve Trevor Jr. The only difference is that in the show, a romance doesn’t develop between Diana and Steve Trevor’s son. 

Steve Trevor, again

Steve Trevor riding through a forest.

We’d love to see Chris Pine return in upcoming films. | Warner Bros.

Of course, another way for Pine to return for the sequel would be for the actual character of Steve Trevor to return. We saw the plane he was in blow up, so that would be difficult. But comic books are always coming up with goofy ways for characters to come back to life.

Since there are literal gods in these movies, perhaps Steve could be brought back through magic. Perhaps he could be brought back via a clone. Or perhaps the sequel could come up with some ridiculous retcon in which he somehow escaped the plane before it exploded. Doing so would severely diminish the impact of Steve’s death in the third act of Wonder Woman, though, so it’s definitely not the preferred route.


Wonder Woman and Steve talk about Kasia in the comic strip.

Wonder Woman truly missed Kasia in the comics. | DC Comics

There has increasingly been a demand among fans to make Wonder Woman bisexual in the second film and give her a female love interest. Based on the recent comics, this choice would make a lot of sense. While there isn’t exactly a female character in the comics who is the equivalent of Steve Trevor, there are some who have come close.

For example, a recent Wonder Woman comic introduces Kasia, an Amazon who Diana is very close with. Never do they have a full-fledged relationship, but it’s heavily implied that they have romantic feelings for one another. When Steve asks Diana if she left anyone special behind on Themyscira, she mentions Kasia.

In another scene, a character suggests that Diana and Kassia had a thing, saying, “I thought her and Kasia…?” DC comics writer Greg Rucka confirmed in an interview around this time that Diana has had relationships with other women.

If Kasia were the love interest in Wonder Woman 2, her origins would be a lot different. But Jenkins could still adapt the general idea of another Amazon who Diana falls in love with. 

Not any individual person

Diana enters a car and rides away.

She doesn’t even need a relationship. | Giphy

Does Wonder Woman even need another love interest in the sequel at all? Jenkins said the second movie will be a love story. But that doesn’t necessarily mean she will fall in love with an individual person. Rather, Wonder Woman 2 could be a story about the love of mankind, an idea present in the original movie.

One piece of evidence pointing in this direction is Jenkins said on Twitter that articles with headlines like “‘Wonder Woman 2’ will have a new love story” were misinterpreting her quote. She didn’t clarify what she really meant. But by saying this, Jenkins may have just suggested that Wonder Woman 2 won’t have a love interest, which may be the best move after all.

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