Who Did Ben Affleck Date Before Lindsay Shookus?

Ben Affleck is one of the most attractive men in Hollywood. The 46-year-old celeb has been turning heads since he first popped up on the scene back in 1981. Throughout his career, he’s nailed his roles time and time again, often playing arrogant or ruthless characters. His typical character personas aside, Affleck is quite the ladies’ man. 

He was named People’s Sexiest Man Alive and voted their Most Eligible Bachelor back in 2002. Considering his dashing good looks, impressive acting skills, and pretty fantastic personality, it’s not surprising he’s dated some of the most beloved women in Hollywood. Let’s take a quick look at who Affleck dated before Lindsay Shookus. 

Gwyneth Paltrow

Affleck’s first high-profile relationship was with the modern day Pepper Potts, Gwyneth Paltrow. The acting duo crossed paths at a Miramax dinner thrown by Harvey Weinstein back in October 1997. That’s how they ended up side-by-side in the Oscar-winning film Shakespeare in Love. While Paltrow recognized the potential in the Good Will Hunting actor, she also knew he wasn’t in the right mindset to have a relationship.

Despite the red flags flying, the two grew very close and stuck it out until January 1999 when they split. Clearly, they were on good terms as they co-starred in Bounce rightafter the breakup. The close quarters resulted in the pair getting back together, but sadly things didn’t work out. They separated for the last time in October 2000. 

Affleck and Paltrow are still friends to this day, and she is even on good terms with his longtime ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. While the whirlwind romance fizzled out quicker than fans would have liked, the two must have had a pretty amicable split. 

Jennifer Lopez

With the Sliding Doors actress behind him, Affleck was free to pursue sexy singer Jennifer Lopez in the summer of 2002. While Lopez is known for her alluring vocals, it was one of her brief stints on the big screen that led to the fated meeting. While filming Gigli, the two hit it off and sparks began to fly. It wasn’t their last time acting together either! They also shot Lopez’s Jenny from the Block MV and co-starred in Jersey Girl which was released in 2004. 

The media just couldn’t get enough of the pair, a fact that would be their undoing. With the popularity of the tabloids, their relationship was the center of media coverage everywhere. They fought against the waves, getting engaged in November 2002. The talented couple intended to wed a year later but the media just wouldn’t let up. They called it quits in January 2004. The reason — the Batman actor just couldn’t handle the heat from the press, which led to him ultimately breaking Lopez’s heart. Thankfully, just like Paltrow, the two are still on good terms!

Jennifer Garner

Affleck first met the gorgeous Jennifer Garner while on the set of Pearl Harbor in 2000. They reunited two years later while co-starring in Daredevil. It was the second meeting that sparked a beautiful friendship between the couple-to-be. After Affleck and Lopez went their separate ways in 2004, the Argo actor found himself falling for Garner. The two officially kicked things off that same year and were married a year later.

At the time of their destination wedding, Garner was already pregnant with their first child, Violet. That was just the beginning! The pair had two more children, Seraphina, and Samuel. Ten years after the couple tied the knot they publicly announced they were getting divorced. Fans of the ever-blooming duo were shocked! Despite no longer being together, Affleck and Paltrow do an amazing job at co-parenting and are still a big part of each other’s lives

Lindsay Shookus

Affleck and Garner may still basically be attached at the hip, but that didn’t stop the actor turned producer from falling for a new flame. Affleck was still in the midst of divorce proceedings when news of him dating Lindsay Shookus went public in 2017. Affleck took the Emmy-award winning producer along for his Daredevil shoots in London and Shookus often invited Affleck to SNL afterparties. Considering they are based on opposite coasts, the two certainly did a lot of jet setting to keep the romance going!

Affleck and Garner officially split in 2018 for a variety of reasons. Despite only lasting a year, the controversial couple is apparently back on as of this month! Only time will tell if they can close the gaps in their romance this time around.