Who Did Beyoncé Date Before Jay-Z?

The marriage of Beyoncé and Jay-Z is filled with a lot of important life lessons amid their enormous power in the entertainment industry. They’ve managed to work out a challenging union amid musical superstardom, faced infidelity head-on, and have three gifted children to raise.

Through all of it, they’ve managed to emerge as a very grounded family. Much of this is thanks to the Carters all going on tour together so no one is ever apart.

Despite this amazing life Beyoncé hath made, she did have a dating life before the era of Jay-Z. One of those relationships lasted for nine years.

Beyoncé’s dating life in high school

It’s hard to believe Beyoncé is only 37 years old now after everything she’s accomplished. She was in high school just less than 20 years ago, though it’s there when she first started dating seriously.

Lyndall Locke turned out to be her first boyfriend when they were barely 13 years old. Bey herself recounted this a few years ago in a rare mention of her past relationships.

Locke has been interviewed a few times about his relationship with Beyoncé. They were a little young to be dating, but it lasted a lot longer than you think. Even so, Bey says they were never intimate and also never lived together.

Bey was reportedly a little more mature than other girls

When Locke was interviewed by the media, he said Beyoncé was far more mature than other girls her age. This is apparently why they were able to start dating when she was barely a preteen.

Once they started dating in 1994, no doubt even Bey didn’t think she’d stay together with Locke until the early 2000s. Indeed, they did stay an item until then, only a short time before she became more serious with Jay-Z and had beautiful children together.

The irony, though, is Locke reportedly revealed he cheated on Bey five times, which shows she’s had to endure unfaithfulness more than once. For many, it might seem impossible any man would look at another woman with Beyoncé in your orbit.

What is Lyndall Locke doing now?

After being found by the media, Locke gave away what his ultimate destiny was. Back when he was dating Bey, he had no idea she’d become one of the most influential musical artists in the world. Still, he’s said in interviews she was a control freak and was definitely pursuing fame.

Locke found his own version of success by becoming a chef and starting a catering company. There’s a lot of details about their ups and downs when they dated, and a lot of blame went to Bey’s father. Most of you probably know she was close to her dad, and he helped her progress her show business career.

Part of the reason behind Bey and Locke’s split was due to her living on the road most of the time while in Destiny’s Child. Plus, she was starting to see Jay-Z while rising in the music industry ranks.

Does Locke still communicate with Beyoncé?

Beyonce | Larry Busacca/PW18/Getty Images for Parkwood Entertainment

Based on the above interviews with Locke, he says he no longer communicates with his former girlfriend. No doubt it would be a little awkward reconnecting when you have Jay-Z nearby. This isn’t to say Locke doesn’t wish they were still together had he not cheated on her.

At least he doesn’t have to feel envious when he sees what a happy family Beyoncé and Jay-Z have. Locke has a family of his own with kids and seems happy in his own life.

You can’t help but argue those not in the upper echelons of fame are likely happier than those who are. Nevertheless, it’s almost eerie how Bey and Jay-Z have repaired things to a point where their family life seems like bliss amid the bizarre world of superstardom.