Who Did Pete Davidson Date Before Kate Beckinsale?

Even if you have never watched an episode of Saturday Night Live, chances are you know who Pete Davidson is. His face has been splashed all over magazine covers and news sites. Social media has also blown up over the comedian’s life. So, what is all the fuss about and why is he getting this much attention?

Well, it turns out it’s all about a girl. Actually, it is all about a couple of girls in particular. And, while the world tries to wrap their minds around his current relationship, you might be wondering about who he has dated in the past.

Pete Davidson might be well known among SNL fans, but it wasn’t until a couple of high profile relationships that he turned into a household name. Most people wanted to know why these women seemed to be instantly infatuated with the actor. Here’s what we know so far about Davidson’s current dating status and who he has dated in the past. 

Carly Aquilino: Dated in 2015

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You probably know Carly Aquilino from her recurring role on MTV’s show Girl Code. She has also been on The Jim Gaffigan Show and Gay Girl Straight Girl. Aquilino is also known for her past relationship with Pete Davidson.

The two started casually dating in 2015. While the relationship lasted less than a year, it has reportedly stayed with Aquilino according to Your Tango.

In an Instagram post, Aquilino shared a text message to her story, which has since disappeared. The text reads “I know I’m the 9 billionth person to text you today about this, but… I can’t,” to which she responded with “HAHHAHAHAAH.” Reported by People. Apparently, she was tired of hearing about his new girlfriend.

Cazzie David: Dated from April 2016-2018

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Pete Davidson started dating Cazzie David in 2016, and they were together for two years. Cazzie David happens to be the daughter of Curb Your Enthusiasm star, and Seinfeld creator, Larry David. 

According to Life and Style Magazine, he seemed happy in their relationship, but she did not. At least she never looked happy in any pictures. After a couple of years of on again off again, they split. According to Davidson, the breakup was amicable, David seems to agree because she posted that they were BFF’s on Instagram. 

Of course, Davidson’s breakup announcement came just days before he and new girlfriend officially announced their relationship.

Ariana Grande: Dated in May 2018, Engaged on June 9, 2018, and split on October 13, 2018

Talk about a whirlwind romance. These two deserve an award for how fast they were able to meet, date, get engaged, and breakup. Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson seemed to be genuinely in love. They didn’t try to hide their affections for one another despite some fans wanting them to slow down. 

Fresh out of his relationship with Cazzie David, Davidson met Grande on the SNL set. Only about a month later, they announced their engagement to everyone’s shock. Of course, people were surprised that this unlikely duo, would rush into matrimony so quickly, from the outside they had little in common other than being huge Harry Potter fans.

By the time people started accepting the fact that they were serious, and likely to have a Hogwarts themed wedding, they split. They were officially together for maybe five months before it was over. As shocking as this fast-paced relationship was nothing prepared Pete’s fans for the girl he found to mend his broken heart.

Kate Beckinsale: January 2019

It wasn’t too long after Davidson and Grande called it quits that the world got a peek at what was to come. An even stranger pairing started at the Golden Globes after-party when rumors emerged that Kate Beckinsale was awkwardly following Davidson around. 

“They were flirting all night and sipping Champagne,” a source told Cosmopolitan “They were outside on the patio and left together.”

Since then social media and millions of fans have been questioning the couples age gap, maturity, successes levels, and their fondness for PDA. Sure, there is a 20-year difference between the two, but let’s not forget the other Hollywood age gaps. In the world of celebrity couples, age is just a number, and she does not look 45.

Still, one might question the hold he seems to have on these women. Is it his charm? Has he developed a powerful pheromone-based potion? Either way, he seems to be having a great time.