Who Do Americans Admire Most?


A new Gallup poll sheds some light on who American’s hold in the highest respect. The poll asked 1,031 individuals across all fifty states to name the living man and woman that they admire most — so don’t be surprised by the absence of Nelson Mandela. The top man and woman should make the Democrats smile, with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton grabbing the top position with 16 percent and 15 percent mentioning each name, respectively.

Others on the most admired man list were somewhat less left-winged. George W. Bush came in second, Pope Francis in third, and Bill Clinton, Rev. Billy Graham, and Bill Gates followed. Ron Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mitt Romney all made the list, with 1 percent mentioning their names. The poll being open ended, Clint Eastwood also get thrown in there in the top ten mentioned men.

As for the most admired women, Oprah Winfrey slid into second place with 6 percent mentioning her, and Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin, Malala Yousafzai, and Condoleezza Rice followed. Yousafzai was not the only foreign women mentioned, Angela Merkel, Duchess Kate, and Queen Elizabeth II all made the list as well. Not to be denied a second Hollywood woman, Angelina Jolie was also among the top ten, voted in just behind Angela Merkel.

While it may seem a surprisingly positive spin for the current president to take the top slot for 2013′s admiration poll of respected men, it’s notable that 30 percent named him as their most admired man in 2012, almost twice as many as named him this year, according to Gallup. Furthermore, apparently the current president usually wins the top place for most admired man, or has for fifty-seven out of the sixty-seven years the poll has been conducted. Most names on the list have had a fair amount of coverage in the news this year, and as such are not surprising picks — even if a few are a bit unusual.

Clinton is a notable winner for the women’s category considering her possible participation in the next president elections — if rumors prove to be true. According to Gallup, this marks the eighteenth time Hillary Clinton has made the list of most respected women.

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