Who do Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and Prince Louis Look Like in the Royal Family?

With Princess Eugenie’s upcoming wedding and Meghan and Harry recently tying the knot, all eyes have been on the royals. And while we’re all interested in what the adults are up to, we also can’t get enough of the littlest members of the family. Kate and Prince William’s children, Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and Prince Louis, are absolutely adorable. And we’re already seeing which other royal family members they look like most.

Here’s the rundown of who Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and Prince Louis resemble in the family.

Princess Charlotte

Queen Elizabeth and Princess Charlotte in yellow

Left: Queen Elizabeth can pull off any color. | Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images, Right: Princess Charlotte looked adorable in a yellow cardigan. | Handout/Getty Images

Looks like: Queen Elizabeth and Prince William

At just 3 years old, Princess Charlotte is certainly one of the cutest members of the royal family. And those who have watched her grow up so far have noted how much she looks like both her father and her grandmother.

When it comes to Queen Elizabeth, the resemblance is uncanny. Both Charlotte and Elizabeth have the same big blue eyes, which has been evident ever since Charlotte’s birth. Additionally, they have a similar face shape, round cheeks, and arched eyebrows. And of course, when Charlotte waves to her adoring fans, we can’t help but think of her grandmother, too.

Elle shows us how much Charlotte looks like Prince William, too. The apple cheeks and large, round eyes are nearly identical in both of their baby photos, which certainly gives us a clue into what Charlotte will look like when she gets older.

Prince George

Prince George on his 5th birthday

Prince George on his 5th birthday | Kensington Palace via Twitter

Looks like: Princess Diana and Michael Middleton

Many fans of the royals thought Prince George looked just like his father when he was younger. But now that he’s 5, everyone’s seeing that he resembles both Princess Diana and Kate’s father, Michael Middleton.

Good Housekeeping notes after Kensington Palace posted a photo of Prince George on his 5th birthday, fans began commenting that they saw Princess Diana in his face. Considering she would have been his grandmother, that makes perfect sense. His toothy smiley definitely resembles Diana’s.

When George was younger, many also believed he looked like his maternal grandfather, Michael Middleton. Daily Mail Online shows us George and Michael Middleton’s dimples are quite similar. And his grandfather still has all of his hair, too, which could be good news for the little royal.

Prince Louis

Prince Louis' first portrait

Prince Louis’ first portrait | Kensington Royal via Instagram

Looks like: Prince William

He’s not even a year old yet, so we can’t wait to see who the little royal will start to look like as his features develop. But it seems so far fans are seeing a heavy resemblance to Prince William, express.co.uk says. When looking at baby photos of his father, the two little ones have very similar facial features and hands. Other fans have noted that Louis looks a lot like what Prince George looked like as a baby, so perhaps we’ll see some Princess Diana resemblance in a few years as well.

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