Who Does Meghan Markle Get Advice from When Her American Friends Can’t Visit?

Meghan Markle may be painted as a villain by the media, but she has plenty of friends. Considering her upbringing, many of Markle’s besties reside in the U.S. That’s why it isn’t surprising she flew to the city that never sleeps to host an amazing baby shower among her nearest and dearest.

Despite being a member of the royal family, she can’t hop on a plane to visit her posse all the time. She also can’t count on her friends to come to her at the drop of the dime. So who does the Duchess lean on when her crew can’t make a last minute flight? 

George Clooney stands by Meghan Markle

Surprise surprise, America’s 2018 top earner is one of Markle’s close friends. One would assume the former Suits actress must have rubbed shoulders with Clooney at some point during her Hollywood days. Well, as it turns out it was her royal hubby, Prince Harry, that formally introduced the two entertainers. 

Clooney and the Duke of Sussex crossed paths at a private charity event in the United Kingdom. The two shared common ground and became fast friends. That means the Prince was well acquainted with Clooney long before he met his lady love despite them “running in the same circles.” Prince Harry didn’t introduce his new girlfriend to the Clooney’s until after their relationship turned up a notch. It was after that fateful meeting that Clooney and his wife became an integral part of Markle’s life. Among a sea of haters, Clooney has even gone as far as to stand up for the controversial Duchess

Markle looks up to Amal Clooney

George isn’t the only Clooney that Markle and her husband Harry have turned to in trying times. Markle and Amal Clooney have built quite the relationship ever since the two couples began hanging out in close quarters. The two powerful women met early last year when Amal turned Markle on to her London-based hairstylist so she could get her tresses in check for her big day!

What started as a simple conversation blossomed into a full-on friendship as the ladies bonded over their mutual interest around everything from activism to enviable fashion labels. The Clooney’s have also had lengthy discussions with the Royal pair about the harsh media coverage that has been aimed at the Duchess.

Why is Markle so close with Amal Clooney?


Markle is so taken with Amal she had her co-host her luxurious NYC baby shower. After the festivities were said and done with Mrs. Clooney even offered to give her new BFF a ride back home on her hubby’s private jet! A testament to just how much the two fancy each other.

Their relationship isn’t all glitz and glam though. Markle looks up to Amal for a variety of reasons. According to a Palace insider, “Meghan thinks Amal has fabulous taste and she admires the way she’s maintained her career while being married to one of the most famous men in the world. She sees a lot of herself—or rather wants to see herself—doing things as flawlessly as she thinks Amal does.”

Amal is a great role model

In a sense, Amal is the best possible role model for Markle, so it’s no surprise that she looks to her for support. Both women are married to powerful men, and neither has thrown their own lives to the side to just be a trophy wife. In Markle’s case, a Duchess has her own work to do by royal creed. In Amal’s case, she’s a badass human rights attorney who always has important appearances at the United Nations.

Markle also admires how Amal manages to balance her career and motherhood. As a mother to be, Markle can’t help but be enamored with Amal’s ability to juggle the various parts of her life effortlessly. Thankfully the Clooney’s have a home just 30 minutes away from Frogmore Cottage so the Royal couple will be able to hang with their favorite pair quite often. Considering the Clooney’s have a set of twins, perhaps some play dates are in order once Baby Sussex is born!