Who Does Prince Harry Look Like? The Most Interesting Lookalikes

With its high profile in the United Kingdom and around the world, the royal family is always in the spotlight. And people are constantly drawing comparisons between members of the royal family, such as by debating who looks alike. One enduring question: Who does Prince Harry look like?

Whether you think he looks more like a Windsor than a Spencer or the other way around, these are the top contenders for Harry’s most interesting lookalikes.

Who does Prince Harry look like? Definitely Prince Philip

Prince Harry and Prince Philip during their visit to the Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey in 2016

Prince Harry salutes as he stands alongside his grandfather, Prince Philip. | Eddie Mulholland/ AFP/ Getty Images

Ask a group of royal family fans, “Who does Prince Harry look like,” and you’re likely to get “Prince Philip” as your answer. Over the years, many people have pointed out the strong similarities between Prince Harry and his grandfather. “Aside from their military careers, the two have an uncanny royal resemblance,” Elle reported. Beginning with baby photos, images of the two look remarkably similar. And in photos that show Philip with a full beard during his military days, he and his grandson look even more alike.

The Express reports that the two “share astonishingly similar facial features.” Vanity Fair points out the similarities thanks to a 1957 photo of Philip, “We have the red hair, and the cinnamon beard, and the uniform, and the semi-intangible gleam of Harry’s eyes.” And The Daily Star notes that Prince Harry and Prince Philip share other characteristics, too. They both have eyes set close their noses. They’re both quite tall. (Harry is 6’2″, while Philip is 6’0″.) The two royals both have small canine teeth and similar smiles. And the publication contends that they both have the “Mountbatten bottom,” or “very low-slung buttocks.”

Prince Harry also looks like Earl Spencer, his mom’s brother

One of Prince Harry’s most distinctive features is his red hair — especially because neither his mother nor his father had red hair. The Daily Star reports that regardless, this characteristic probably came from Diana’s side of the family. “Although neither Diana nor Charles were redheads, Diana’s brother Earl Spencer is, so Diana could have been carrying ginger genes.”

Curly red hair, like Harry’s, is a gene typically associated with Scottish lineage, according to The Daily Star. In Harry’s case, the feature could also have come from Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother — Harry’s great-grandmother — who was a member of the Scottish aristocracy. Similarly, People reports that Harry could have gotten his red hair from Queen Mary, his great-great-grandmother.

Prince Harry resembles a younger Prince Charles

Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince Harry visit the tunnel and trenches at Vimy Memorial Park

Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince Harry visit the tunnel and trenches at Vimy Memorial Park. | Tim Rooke – Pool/ Getty Images

Who does Prince Harry look like even more than he resembles Earl Spencer? His father, Prince Charles, especially in photos of Charles in his youth. Metro notes that especially when Prince Charles sported a beard, he looked a lot like his younger son. According to The Express, in some photos, “The pair look almost identical, was it not for Harry’s flame-red hair.” The publication reports that in old photos, Charles had the same “piercing eyes and square jaw” as Prince Harry. They also both have similarly slim cheekbones and a slightly reddened complexion.

Plus, many people — including a few users on Quora — contend that Prince Harry looks a lot more like a Windsor than a Spencer. And even though Prince Charles doesn’t have red hair, the gene appears elsewhere in the royal family tree: Princess Beatrice has strawberry blond hair. That demonstrates that it’s not just the Spencer side of the family that could have given Harry his red hair, even though Princess Diana referred to Harry as “my little Spencer.”

Harry shares facial expressions and body language with Princess Diana

First for Women reports that though Prince William looks more like Princess Diana than Harry does, a few of the younger prince’s facial expressions look a lot like his mother’s. “Princess Diana may have passed her beautiful smile on to Prince William, but we bet you never noticed that Prince Harry and Diana share the same little smirk?” the publication notes.

Similarly, a body language expert told Good Housekeeping that Prince Harry’s “micro-expressions,” made in moments when he’s trying to conceal his emotions, align perfectly with Princess Diana’s. Both Harry and Diana share the habit of biting their lip and looking off into the distance. And the publication reports that “Harry and his late mother share the same shyness, preventing them from opening up to others,” as revealed by their facial expressions and body language. Plus, there are many other ways that Harry is just like his mother.

James Hewitt also comes up when you ask who Prince Harry looks like

Prince Harry

Prince Harry | Chris Jackson/ Getty Images

Prince Harry’s mother — Diana, Princess of Wales — admitted to having an affair with British Army officer James Hewitt while she was still married to Prince Charles. So conspiracy theorists the world over have speculated that Hewitt, not the Prince of Wales, is Prince Harry’s father — even though Hewitt says he didn’t meet Diana until Harry was already a toddler. But could their looks provide any clue?

The Daily Star reports that though Prince Harry does share red hair and a strong jawline with Hewitt, the two look more different than similar. While Prince Harry has blue eyes, Hewitt has brown. Harry has strawberry blond hair with light eyebrows and eyelashes, while Hewitt has darker, red-brown hair and eyebrows. Similarly, while Harry has small canine teeth — which The Daily Star characterizes as indicative of his Greek heritage, through grandfather Prince Philip — Hewitt has large, “very British” canines that are much more common in the United Kingdom.

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