Who Does the Queen Like More: Prince William or Prince Harry?

Queen Elizabeth II has plenty of well-known family members. And while the royal family is always in the spotlight, they’re still a family, which means they spend plenty of time with one another behind closed doors. But when it comes the queen’s most well-known grandchildren, who is she closer with — Prince William or Prince Harry?

The queen walks in front of the royal family
Does the queen have a favorite? | Dominic Lipinski/AFP/Getty Images

The queen has always had a close relationship with William and Harry

William and Harry both lost their mother at a very young age. And as the sons of a future king, they were very important to the queen. When Princess Diana died, Queen Elizabeth was essentially their motherly figure; the boys had not taken well to Camilla and didn’t really form a relationship with her until years later. Plus, the queen understood the limelight the two were growing up in; they were looked at from all angles their whole lives, to which other members of the royal family (such as their cousins, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie) can’t relate.

The queen appears to like both men’s wives equally

Queen Elizabeth has known Kate Middleton for quite some time. She and William began dating back in the early 2000s, and although they briefly split up, Kate has been familiar with the royal family for years now. The queen has taken a liking to her, and at this point, she’s just as much a part of the family as anyone else. Meghan Markle, on the other hand, is still fairly new to the family. She and Harry only began dating in 2016, but rumor has it Meghan and the queen instantly bonded over their love of dogs. The queen was kind enough to invite Meghan’s mother for tea when she was in the United Kingdom for the royal wedding, and the queen had no hesitation in allowing Meghan and Harry to marry. It’s safe to say the queen likes both of the duchesses.

The royal family
The queen stands with her two grandsons and granddaughters-in-law | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

When it comes to royal importance, William is favored

As far as the royal line goes, William is favored over Harry. William needs to be polished and poised all the time because he will be the future king, which means the queen probably pays a bit more attention to him out of the two brothers. Being the sovereign ruler of so many parts of the world is no easy task, so William has a lot to learn from the queen before he takes on this role. In that sense, Queen Elizabeth probably thinks spending time with William to prepare him for the role is more important than spending time with Harry.

But as far as personal relationships go, they seem to be about equal

Although the queen may be more focused on William than Harry in the long run, she still cares deeply for both of her grandsons. And the two boys have always looked up to her and have only ever had the most thoughtful and positive things to say about their grandmother. Both men have said they’re incredibly proud of their grandmother and everything she has been capable of doing throughout her life. Regardless of the family being royal, a relationship with a grandparent is one that most cherish.

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