Who Has Miranda Lambert Dated?

Miranda Lambert is one of the biggest country music stars of all time. She rose to success as a model of female empowerment and sass, and her anthems have become popular with thousands of fans all over the world. Still, Lambert’s personal life has been the subject of much controversy over the years, beginning with her ill-fated marriage to Blake Shelton. Keep reading to learn about Lambert’s romantic history, including her divorce from Blake Shelton, her turbulent relationships since then, and whether or not she’s found happiness these days.

Is Miranda Lambert currently married?

Miranda Lambert and her husband Brendan McLoughlin sighted in New York
Brendan McLoughlin and Miranda Lambert | Gotham/GC Images

In early 2019, Miranda Lambert shocked fans by announcing that she had married New York City police officer Brendan McLoughlin. No one knew quite when the relationship had started, but McLoughlin had raised some eyebrows by welcoming a child with his ex-fiancée some months earlier. Still, Lambert and McLoughlin have been happily married since tying the knot in February, and those close to Lambert say that she is happier than she has ever been.

Prior to linking up with McLoughlin, Lambert had dated Turnpike Troubadours singer Evan Felker. Their relationship caused a good deal of controversy, especially considering that Felker was still married when reports circulated that he and Lambert were involved romantically. Felker’s wife, Staci Nelson, confirmed the rumors that Felker had been unfaithful to her with Lambert, and ultimately, the pair ended up divorcing. Felker’s romance with Lambert would last for less than a year before they quietly broke up.

Who did Miranda Lambert date after divorcing Blake Shelton?

In December 2015, Lambert started dating fellow musician Anderson East. Reportedly, she met East through a mutual friend. They started posting pictures of each other on social media, and it was clear that the two were quite happy together. Sources even stated that the pair felt free to act like “free spirits” around each other.

Lambert even brought East with her to awards shows, and although they both had incredibly busy schedules, they were supportive of each other’s careers. With very little fanfare, Lambert and East broke up in early 2018, and she moved on with Evan Felker. As for East, he’s managed to stay pretty much out of the spotlight, so perhaps his brush with fame that he received via his relationship with Lambert was quite enough for him.

When did Miranda Lambert meet Blake Shelton?

Without a doubt, Miranda Lambert’s most high-profile relationship was with country singer Blake Shelton. Although he is now in a relationship with Gwen Stefani, only a few short years ago, Lambert and Shelton were the hottest couple in country music. It started in 2005 when Lambert and Shelton performed a duet together and found themselves experiencing incredible chemistry. Shelton was married at the time, but less than a year later, he divorced his wife and started dating Lambert. They dated for several years before tying the knot in early 2011. 

Lambert and Shelton were married for four years before they announced their divorce in 2015. While neither of them gave a specific reason for their split, there were rumors that there was infidelity in the relationship. 

Miranda Lambert’s first love

Before Miranda Lambert crossed paths with Blake Shelton, she was in a relationship with a musician named Jeff McManus. He was several years older than she was, and they began dating well before she was an established country music star. They dated for several years before Lambert met Shelton, and the pair unceremoniously ended their romance.

Clearly, Miranda Lambert is not a woman who can be dissuaded in matters of the heart. Still, it seems as though she has finally found true love.