Who is Amy Duggar? Here’s What We Know About the Duggars’ Closest Cousin

The Duggar family has always been close-knit. But with two parents and 19 children, it always seemed like there could never be room for one more. However, Amy Duggar, the Duggar family’s cousin, has also made a name for herself for being related to the family. But who is she? Here’s everything we know about this close family relative.

Amy Duggar

Amy Duggar | Amy Duggar via Instagram

Duggar is a bit more rebellious than her cousins

Duggar earned a rebellious reputation without even trying, and she doesn’t really consider herself to be rebellious. However, in comparison to her cousins, she does live life pretty loosely. The Duggar daughters were not allowed to show much skin growing up, and they couldn’t have their first kiss until they were married. “For me, growing up was all about shorts, tank tops, country songs, and boyfriends,” Duggar said in an interview with People. In that case, she is definitely more rebellious than her uptight extended family. However, the reputation is very particular to what that family might consider rebellious versus what a typical American might consider rebellious. But Duggar says she still loves the Lord and her family.

Amy Duggar used to be on the show pretty often, but there were rumors about a family feud

Duggar was once a pretty frequent guest on the TLC show Counting On. She dressed modestly and lived a more freestyle life than her cousins on the show; the show is what earned her a “rebellious” reputation. However, Duggar doesn’t is no longer on the show, and there were rumors that family problems were the reason. When Duggar was a no-show at her cousin Jinger’s wedding to Jeremy Vuolo, it sparked rumors that there was a rift between the families–or at least some family members. Plus, Amy Duggar’s absence on the show added fuel to the fire. Then, some noticed that Jinger and Amy were no longer following each other on Instagram, which had fans almost certain something had gone on between the family members.

But Duggar squashed the rumors, and her cousins have supported her new boutique

Amy Duggar always denied that there was any kind of feud between her and her cousins. Duggar told Entertainment Tonight that she missed her cousin’s wedding because she had made a prior commitment with her husband to attend an automotive show in Las Vegas. She said the wedding simply came at the wrong time and that there were no problems between her and Jinger. She also said that her husband’s truck was being sponsored at the automotive show, so she felt she couldn’t let him go alone or miss out on something so special.

Duggar also finally realized her dream of opening her own boutique, and her cousins were extremely supportive of her business venture on social media. Jessa, Jinger, and Jana all recently took a trip to their cousin’s boutique, and Jinger even brought along her young daughter. It appears that whatever alleged feud there was, it’s over—but there’s no word on whether Amy will start making more appearances on the show.

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