Who is ‘The Bachelor’ Contestant Demi Burnett? Everything We Know About the Girl Behind the Show’s Drama

When the newest season of The Bachelor first premiered, fans were quick to think that Catherine Agro would be the one to cause most of the drama. But on the most recent episode, someone else came out of the woodwork and spiced things up a bit: Demi Burnett. Who is this extroverted blonde? Here’s everything we know about the girl who literally ran away with last episode’s rose.

Demi Burnett and Colton Underwood

Demi Burnett and Colton Underwood | Demi Burnett via Instagram

Burnett shocked the other women several times during the most recent episode

Burnett first showed a new side of herself during the most recent episode of The Bachelor. Several women were picked to go on a date with Colton Underwood and had a little while to write a story about themselves that they would then tell in front of 200 people. Most of the girls told cute stories, but Burnett took things one step further. She wrote about how she wanted to kiss Underwood, and actually jumped down from the stage, ran over to him, and kissed him. Later, she jokingly picked up the rose on the group date and said it was hers, which made some women pretty angry. And she also grabbed Underwood and brought him upstairs while wearing a bathrobe, which angered some women as well. Needless to say, she was the star of the episode’s drama.

She considers herself a country girl

Burnett hails from Texas, and she definitely considers herself a country girl. She noted in her ABC biography that she loves ATVing, fishing, and watching wrestling. Burnett clearly doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. She also said she can drive a stick shift, which is something not many people can do. And she adores fashion. She loves both reality television and Game of Thrones. In most ways, she seems just like everyone else. But her personality sticks out a bit more than some of the other women’s personalities, and she definitely isn’t afraid to go after what she wants.

Her ABC bio has caused some confusion

Marie Claire pointed out in an article that Burnett’s ABC bio says she is an interior designer. However, nobody seems to be able to find anything about her promoting her work on her social media channels. However, other websites have said that she’s an actress and model and has been cast in several television shows and commercials — and also expresses her interest in being cast in reality television (interesting; could she have an ulterior motive for being on The Bachelor?).

She was recently spotted hanging out with a former ‘Bachelor’ star

In January, Burnett was spotted hanging out with Paulie Calafiore, who is known for both The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, among other reality television shows. But Marie Claire reported that she  only wanted to talk to him about the not-so-good reputation he earned from the show’s editing. Since it looks like Burnett is on her way to gaining a similar reputation, it makes sense that she would want to know how he handled it. The two don’t seem to be romantically involved.

She likely will be around for a while this season

Regardless of how the other women see Burnett, she probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Although Underwood truly is trying to find love on The Bachelor, at the end of the day, it’s still a reality television show. And with reality television comes plenty of drama — most of which seems to be brought on by Burnett. The production crew will likely keep her on the show for at least half of the season, since she keeps viewers coming back for more. People can’t wait to see what she’ll do next.

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