Who is Bill Belichick’s Girlfriend, Linda Holliday?

If you’re a football fan you know that New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick is one of the most successful head coaches of all time. He’s won multiple Super Bowls and every year you can bet that his team will be playing deep into January. But even with all the winning he does, Belichick rarely ever cracks a smile. However, if you scroll through the Instagram feed of his longtime girlfriend, Linda Holliday, you’d see another side of him.

Belichick, who is also the franchise’s general manager, doesn’t have any social media accounts himself and has said many times that he doesn’t really know what Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are. But Holliday sure does, and she must be teaching him because he’s made plenty of appearances in photos and videos on her account. She has posted everything from pics of the pair on vacation to events they’ve attended together to snaps from their magazine cover shoot. Yes, she got “The Hoodie” to do a photo shoot.

Bill Belichick and Linda Holliday

Bill Belichick and Linda Holliday via Instagram lindaholliday_

Here’s more on the woman who stole Belichick’s heart and makes him smile so much.

How they met and how long they’ve been dating

Belichick divorced his first wife, Debbie, in 2006 and met Holliday a year later. Players Wives noted that Holliday, a Florida native, was at a nightclub in Palm Beach with some friends when she and the NFL coach started talking. At the time she was dating another man but broke things off with him to pursue a relationship with Belichick.

Since they’ve been together Holliday has become a fixture at Patriots games. She posts lots of photos from game day to her Instagram stories while cheering the team on.

Where they go on vacation together

When they’re not at Gillette Stadium together, Belichick and his lady enjoy vacationing in Nantucket, off the coast of Massachusetts.

“I started off in Detroit, then Denver, then the Giants, then Cleveland, then the Patriots, then the Jets, and then the Patriots [again]. But at the end of every one of those years, I was here. Nantucket has always been a constant,” Belichick told Nantucket Magazine.

“No matter what everybody is doing during their busy lives, Nantucket is where family comes together as a unit again,” Holliday added.

They have children from previous relationships

Speaking of family, Holliday and Belichick each have children from previous relationships.

Belichick has three grown kids — Stephen, Amanda, and Brian — with his ex-wife. His daughter is a lacrosse coach and his two sons work within the Patriots organization.

Holliday has been married three times before and has two children. Her twins daughters, Ashley and Kat Hess, run a fashion blog and are often seen at Pats games with their mother.

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Holliday worked in TV and is now a CEO

Holliday graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1986 with a bachelor’s degree in Radiography. She previously worked in TV as a Lifestyle Correspondent for Style Boston. These days though Holliday is the CEO of the Bill Belichick Foundation.

The BBF’s website states that its mission is “to provide coaching, mentorship, and financial support to individuals, communities, and organizations. Focusing on football and lacrosse, its mission is to bring the values of the Belichick family — a love of sports, coaching and team building — to the athletic leaders of tomorrow.”

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