Who Is Brandi Carlile and How Many Grammys Is She Nominated For?

Fresh off of her festival Girls Just Wanna Weekend in Mexico, Brandi Carlile is set to take center stage at the 2019 Grammy Awards. The folk-rock singer has been active in the music scene since the early 2000s but has just recently become an American sensation. Carlile is nominated for six Grammys, trailing only Kendrick Lamar and Drake for the most nods. So, who exactly is Brandi Carlile and will she clean up at the Grammy Awards?

Brandi Carlile’s early life

Carlile was raised in Ravensdale, Washington, a small town outside of Seattle. Her mother, a singer, encouraged the future songstress to hone her craft, and at the age of eight, she performed on stage for the first time.

Following high school, she began pursuing a musical career, according to Harp Magazine. Carlile taught herself to play the guitar and the piano in her teens, and eventually went on to begin a career in Seattle’s thriving music scene.

Carlile played in the clubs situated around Seattle until 2004 when she signed a contract with Columbia Records. She began recording shortly after and released her first album in 2005. The self-titled Brandi Carlile was well-received but did not gain much traction outside of the folk community.

Carlile breaks into the music scene

In 2007 Carlile released her second album, The Story. In 2008, General Motors picked the featured single “The Story” for commercials that aired during the 2008 Olympics. The utilization of the song in such a large market brought Carlile and her work to the forefront.

Her work was also heavily utilized in the popular television drama Grey’s Anatomy, which allowed the singer’s music to reach and even larger audience. Carlile released several more albums through 2016. However her greatest success has come from the February 2018 release of By the Way, I Forgive You.

She appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! And The Late Show with Steven Colbert To promote the album. “The Joke,” the first single released from the album went on to reach the number 4 spot on Billboard’s Adult Alternative Chart. It reached number 43 and number 46 on the Hot Rock Songs and Rock Airplay Charts, respectively.

Recognition by the Recording Academy

While Carlile is the most recognized woman by the Academy for 2019, this won’t be her first foray into The Grammys. Carlile was first nominated in 2015 for The Firewatcher’s Daughter, an album that was well-received by critics and fans of the Americana genre. Her current album is up for Album of the Year and Best Americana Album. She is also nominated for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Americana Roots Song and Best American Roots Performance, all for “The Joke.” Carlile told Forbes that she was shocked and honored by the nominations.

Carlile will also be performing at the show. She will take the stage to perform her hit “The Joke”. She shared the news with fans on Instagram in January.

Will Carlile take home a Grammy?

While Carlile’s work has been exceptional and her album has been well received she is facing some fierce competition. Carlile is up against Drake and Kendrick Lamar in the Album of the Year category. Many believe Lamar was snubbed last year after losing to Bruno Mars, so it’s possible he will walk away with the top prize this year.

Carlile is also up against Childish Gambino’s “This is America,” a song that went viral due to its political message and well-produced and thought-provoking video. With such stiff competition and the Academy’s track record of surpising decisions, it’s hard to say if Carlile will take home the top prize