Who Is Carly Hallam, Daniel Tosh’s Wife?

Daniel Tosh
Daniel Tosh | Comedy Central

Daniel Tosh has apparently been married for the past two years, and we’re only just now finding out about it. His wife is reportedly a woman named Carly Hallam. So who exactly is Hallam, and what do we know about her marriage to the Comedy Central host?

TMZ reported on Tosh’s wedding on Tuesday, saying that Tosh and Hallam tied the knot on April 15th, 2016. It was evidently a very private ceremony that took place in Malibu.

Carly Hallam is a 31-year-old comedy writer who has worked for Tosh.0 going back to 2010. We don’t actually know if that’s where the two met, although that seems safe to assume. On her IMDB, she has been credited for writing a variety of Tosh.0 episodes from 2012 through 2015.

In addition, Hallam has actually appeared on the show before. On IMDB, she’s credited in a variety of roles on Tosh.0 over the years. For example, in a 2014 episode, she’s listed as “Woman on Track.” She appears to be one of the women who walks by Tosh at the end of this segment.

Carly Hallam
Tosh.0 | Comedy Central

Hallam doesn’t seem to work for Tosh.0 anymore, though; she hasn’t been credited on an episode in three years. Instead, she now works on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, having joined the show as a story editor in 2016.

She has also written a number of episodes of that show, including Game Night, the one where Rosa comes out as bisexual to her parents. In retrospect, it’s not even like Tosh and Hallam were keeping their marriage a big secret because she’s credited in that episode as Carly Hallam Tosh.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Brooklyn Nine-Nine | Fox

Stephanie Beatriz, the actress who plays Rosa, had previously spoken about working with Hallam on her character’s very special episode. She told Entertainment Weekly:

That’s the main thing that I thought was so wonderful from Dan Goor — his inclusion of me in the process of developing the story. I was really touched by him and the other writers, Carly [Hallam] and Justin [Noble], they used me as a resource quite a bit: I met with Carly once, I met with Justin to talk about the story line, Dan and I talked extensively about it. That was really meaningful and special to me that they weren’t just saying, “We want to tell the story and let’s go tell it. No, let’s find someone who’s bi. Oh, guess what? The actress who comes out as bi also happens to be bi. Let’s talk to her about her own experience and bring this into reality.”

When that episode was about to air in December, Hallam tweeted, “Please watch tonight’s Brooklyn 99! @iamstephbeatz is amazing. You will laugh…and maybe cry?”

On social media, Tosh and Hallam have never indicated that they’re a married couple. Hallam has promoted episodes of Tosh.o a number of times, but that’s about it, although she has referenced her boyfriend in some tweets. In 2014, for instance, she tweeted, “You say romance is dead, I say my boyfriend put a dead bird in a bag and threw it at my head.”

Tosh has repeatedly referenced his “ballerina wife” in the context of jokes on Twitter, but he’s never brought up Hallam specifically, other than giving her this shoutout in 2011:


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