Who Is Chloe Flower? Cardi B.’s Amazing Pianist Who Stole The Show At The 2019 Grammy Awards

Cardi B performs onstage during the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards | Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Cardi B. won big at last night’s Grammy Awards. After performing her hit song “Money” and becoming the first female to win the award for Best Rap Album, the rapper looked to be on cloud 9.

Even though many were fixated on Cardi B. throughout the night, her piano player seemed to capture eveyone’s attention.

The dynamic pianist, Chloe Flower, wowed audiences as she played alongside Cardi B. and viewers are curious as to who this woman is?

She’s is a classical pianist

Chloe Flower, who’s real name is Chloe Won, is a Los-Angeles born composer, writer, producer and classical pianist.

She was discovered by producer Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds and throughout her career, has worked closely with Nas, 2 Chainz, Celine Dion, Swizz Beatz and even Kevin Hart.

Flower is currently signed with the Island Def Jam Records department, Sodapop.

Over the years, Chloe Flower has composed scores for different projects. In in 2015, she scored a documentary about Misty Copeland called A Ballerina’s Tale and did the musical score for Kevin Hart’s Nike campaign.

Fans love covering pop and hip-hop songs on Instagram

Along with composing music, Chloe Flower also plays covers of hit songs and uploads them to Instagram.

Flower loves coving pop songs because she wants her piano playing to appeal to the younger generation.

While sitting down the Complex Magazine, Flower revealed why she likes sharing videos of her playing the piano on Instagram.

“I do that because it’s a way for me to bring in a younger audience. What I noticed is that the audience that doesn’t know classical music doesn’t recognize the themes in classical music, even if they’re popular themes,” Flower revealed.

She continued, “but they recognize the hip-hop themes and the pop themes. So when I use that, they’re much more receptive. That draws in a younger audience to instrumental music and piano, wanting to learn an instrument, stuff like that.

She is an avid philanthropist

Chloe Flower has taken her love for music and is using it to focus on music education.

One of the main reasons Flower loves being a pianist is because she wants to share her knowledge of classical music with today’s youth.

She continues to partner with different organizations to intrigue children’s interest in instruments.

“One of the reasons I’m a pianist and I continue to do it into my adulthood is because I want kids to learn how to play an instrument. I feel like a lot of the kids in school, especially in public school, don’t have access to music education. I want them to be proud about playing an instrument,” she told Complex.

Along with being a philanthropist for music education, Chloe Flower also works with organizations to put an end to sex slavery as well as human trafficking.

Cardi B.’s team found her on Instagram

As Cardi B. was preparing for her Grammys performance, she wanted to add a little something to it that the audience wouldn’t expect.

Chloe Flower was introduced to Cardi B. after the rapper saw her Instagram videos and felt as though she would be a great addition to the performance.

“Basically, one of my friends introduced me to someone in Cardi’s camp, and then she showed Cardi and the team my Instagram,” Flower reveals. “They were like, “Can she play?” [Laughs]. And I was like, “Uh, yeah. Hello!” It’s really as basic as that.

After giving an out of this world performance at the 2019 Grammy Awards, Chloe Flowers has been getting an insane amount of praise for her original arrangement.

Flowers stated after the performance, “I’m so happy. I’m honored to have a positive reception because it’s hard as an instrumentalist to get an audience. The classical music and instrumental music audience is smaller than the pop and hip-hop audience, so it’s amazing. I’m so happy.”