Who Is Colleen Ballinger a.k.a Miranda Sings? How Much Is The YouTube Star Worth?

Colleen Ballinger a.k.a Miranda Sings gave us a small glimpse into her real life earlier this month when she showed us her new baby. Throughout her pregnancy, Ballinger posted pregnancy videos and photos on both her and her persona’s social media accounts. While fans might be extremely familiar with Miranda Sings due to her hilarious antics, what about the woman behind her?

Who is the real Colleen Ballinger?

Ballinger is an actress, comedian, and singer. The 32-year-old YouTube sensation was born in Santa Barbara California, to parents Tim and Gwen Ballinger. During her formative years, Ballinger took part in several activities that hinted at her love for being on “the big screen,” including participating in school plays and theater-related events. She majored in vocal performance at Azusa Pacific University and even performed for Disney between 2007 and 2009.

Ballinger is also a philanthropist, conducting an annual fundraiser to benefit children who have cancer. She uses a GoFundMe page and gives away personal items, and Miranda Sings merchandise on her YouTube channel. Ballinger has given proceeds to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as well as directly to families who are in need.

How did Colleen Ballinger get started on YouTube?

Ballinger created Sings back in 2008, taking inspiration from women she knew in college. Majoring in vocal performance meant being exposed to “cocky girls who thought they were talented” on the regular.  Eventually, she saw these same girls trying to use YouTube to self-promote, and that’s how Sings was born.

While Sings started as an inside joke, it took off when one of her videos, Free Voice Lesson, suddenly blew up. With the attention came criticism, an environment where Sings would thrive. She received so much hate and handled it so well that she became a “hero of the anti-bullying movement.” Now Ballinger is one of the world’s most influential entertainers, making Forbe’s top five list last year, and Sings is so popular she has her own memoir and lipstick.

Colleen Ballinger’s career outside of YouTube

In 2016 the YouTube star got the opportunity to be on TV. Her iconic persona inspired one of Netflix’s most-hated originals, Haters Back Off. Unfortunately, Sings’ “inept and delusional” ways didn’t translate well to the episodic format. While the show is hilarious, it just wasn’t enough for the critics to give it more than 47% on Rotten Tomatoes. Surprisingly, the show still managed to scrape by and get a second season.

Luckily she has other things going for her. Ballinger has appeared in several shows, the most recent being The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Escape the Night Season 3. She also voiced Colleen in the Golden Globe-nominated film; Ralph Breaks the Internet. But by far one of Ballingers most exciting ventures was this year’s 36-stop No Offense tour, where she performed as both herself and Sings.

What is Colleen Ballinger’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ballinger is worth $8 Million, earning an estimated $5 million yearly from her different undertakings. While this is impressive, it’s not enough to make the 2018 highest paid YouTubers list. She still comes in about halfway under trendy gaming personality Markiplier who is worth $17.5 Million. PewDiePie is worth an estimated $20 million.

Her net worth is a culmination of all of her endeavors. Her bustling YouTube channels, Miranda Sings and Pyschosoprano were ranked #7 and #17 respectively amongst other comedy channels, receiving 400 million views between them. That’s a lot of ad revenue.

Ballinger’s live performances at comedy clubs, theaters, and off-Broadway plays alongside television and web series appearances have all helped pad her wallet. The multitalented star has even been a guest artist on several albums! With her new baby’s arrival, we can’t wait to see what Ballinger will do next.