Who Is David Harbour Dating? The ‘Stranger Things’ And ‘Black Widow’ Star Has A Famous Girlfriend

Actor David Harbour has become something of a household name over the past couple of years. His turn in the Netflix series Stranger Things is a major part of that, and now, he has some big projects on the horizon. But who is he dating? You may be familiar with his alleged girlfriend.

Harbour is known for ‘Stranger Things’

Harbour has been acting for many years, appearing in films such as Quantum of Solace and The Green Hornet. He also acted in TV series like The Newsroom and State of Affairs. But it wasn’t until 2016 that he became a household name for portraying Jim Hopper in Stranger Things.

As of publication, his future on the show is still unknown. Harbour says that he himself doesn’t even know what’s going to happen, and that he asked the creators if he’ll return for Stranger Things 4. So, here’s hoping.

He will appear in the new MCU flick ‘Black Widow’

Since Stranger Things, Harbour’s career has really taken off. He appeared in Suicide Squad in a small role, and starred as the titular character in the remake of Hellboy that came out this year. But his next part is his biggest yet.

Harbour was announced as part of the cast of the upcoming Marvel movie Black Widow. He will portray Alexei Shostakov, aka Red Guardian, a Russian supersoldier with abilities similar to that of Captain America. The film, which is set to be released on May 1, 2020, will kick off the next phase of the MCU.

Harbour hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’

Host David Harbour during the SNL monologue on October 12, 2019
Host David Harbour during the SNL monologue on October 12, 2019 | Will Heath/NBC

Capitalizing on his new surge of fame, Harbour was given the honor of many award winners and breakout star before him: He hosted Saturday Night Live on Oct. 12, 2019. And he had a great time doing so.

Harbour participated in several entertaining skits, including one that made fun of Joker (fitting, now that he’s left DC for Marvel). However, he had a guest at the afterparty who many may be familiar with — and it looks like they’re dating.

Is he dating Lily Allen?

Up until this point, Harbour’s love life had remained largely a mystery, with some Stranger Things fans wishing that he and Winona Ryder, who portrays his on-screen love interest, would get together. But it looks like he’s dating singer Lily Allen.

The two were first spotted together in August in Allen’s native London. Harbour was there filming Black Widow, and they caught the eye of the British tabloids. Now, it looks like they’ve brought their romance stateside.

What you need to know about Allen

For those who aren’t familiar, Allen fails from a UK showbiz family. Her mother is a producer, while her father is an actor and comedian. Her younger brother, Alfie Allen, is best known for starring in Game of Thrones as Theon Greyjoy, for which he was nominated for an Emmy.

Allen released her debut album in 2006 at just 21 years old. Her first single, “Smile,” charted in the U.S. and was certified gold. Since then, she has put out three albums. Allen has been primarily known for her controversial private life, including her 2018 divorce. She has two children with her ex-husband, Sam Cooper.