Who Is Elizabeth Olsen Dating?

Elizabeth Olsen at a Dodgers game with boyfriend Robbie Arnett. An emerald ring is just visible on her left ring finger.
An emerald ring is visible on Elizabeth Olsen’s left ring finger. | Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Elizabeth Olsen is really having a moment. Her star has been rising in Hollywood ever since she was cast as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Scarlet Witch back in 2014, when she made her MCU debut in a post-credits scene from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This year, she’ll be starring in a spin-off series for Disney+ called WandaVision, so one can expect to hear a lot more about Elizabeth Olsen in the months to come.

It’s clear that the Marvel hype around Olsen has given her a much higher public profile than she once enjoyed as an acclaimed indie actress, so it’s no surprise that many fans around the world want to know more about the notoriously private actress. Most of all, it seems like people are buzzing with curiosity about who she is dating now and who she has dated in the past. Not the least of reasons being that Page Six recently reported that she was seen with a whopper of an emerald ring on her left finger. So could the stunning younger sister of famous twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen be engaged?

Elizabeth Olsen has past romantic links to some very famous hunks

Though Olsen has been with her current beau, musician Robbie Arnett, since about February 2017, there are some very famous names sprinkled throughout her dating history. For one, she was once the subject of rumors that suggested she was dating fellow Marvel Cinematic Universe star Tom Hiddleston, who is famous for playing Loki. Back in 2015, the two tried to play it off like they were just friends before eventually admitting that the rumors were true and that they definitely had dated at least briefly after appearing as a couple in the film I Saw The Light.

Another handsome celebrity Olsen was once seen canoodling with was Alexander Skarsgard back in 2012, but it seems like things never got all that serious between the two. There were also some who claimed she hooked up with Chris Evans in 2015, but if she did, she never confirmed or denied it and most seem to think that the two are just friends after all. Olsen was also once engaged to actor Boyd Holbrook, but things didn’t work out between them in the end. 

She was spotted wearing an emerald ring while out shopping

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Considering that a giant ring on the left hand is usually the best proof that someone definitely is engaged, it would seem that Olsen has upgraded boyfriend Robbie Arnett to fiancé status. While out grocery shopping with Arnett, she was seen sporting a gold band with a giant square cut emerald surrounded by a halo of smaller diamond baguettes in a sunburst formation.

The two have been together since early 2017 when they were seen vacationing together and strolling hand-in-hand in New York City. However, they didn’t make their relationship red carpet official until September 2017, when Arnett, the frontman for the indie-pop band Milo Greene, accompanied Olsen to a pre-Emmys party. The two have been thick as thieves ever since. Now that Olsen has been seen out and about sporting such a massive rock, it seems like wedded bliss is just around the corner for these two lovebirds.

Big sister Ashley Olsen might be engaged at the same time

As Entertainment Tonight has reported, Ashley Olsen has been dating an artist named Louis Eisner for a couple of years now and she was recently photographed wearing a ring on you-know-which finger. So far, Ashley hasn’t done anything to confirm the rumors, but she also hasn’t necessarily denied them, either. Could it be that the two sisters might be engaged at the same time? We’re sure Ashley has had enough of doing things as a pair but still … it’s fun to imagine what a glamorous double wedding that would be!