Who is Grammy Nominee, Bebe Rexha and Where Did She Get Her Musical Start?

Bebe Rexha’s star is on the rise. With a live performance for 2017’s A Christmas Story Live, Rexha moved into 2018 with the release of her first studio album, Expectations and closed out the year with a New Year’s Eve performance. Expectations produced several hits that reached the Billboard Hot 100 list, including “Meant to Be” which peaked at number 2 on March 3, 2018, and “I’m a Mess.” “I’m a Mess” peaked at number 35 on November 11, 2018. Now, the young songstress is looking to make 2019 even better with a nomination for Best New Artist at the Grammys.

While Rexha is undoubtedly making herself a household name, many people don’t know much about the Brooklyn-born artist. So, who exactly is Bebe Rexha and where did she get her musical start?

Bebe Rexha’s early life

Rexha, whose first name is Bleta, was born to Albanian parents in Brooklyn, but the family quickly settled in Staten Island, New York when Rexha was six. In elementary school the songstress learned to play the trumpet, and later went on to teach herself to play the guitar and piano, she told People.

During her high school career, Rexha kept herself busy with musicals and plays. She also joined the choir. She performed at The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences while still in high school, scoring a contract with Samantha Cox, a talent scout.

Breaking into the music industry

In 2010, at just 21 Rexha began working with Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy. She became the lead vocalist on Wentz’ experimental project. She worked with the group for two years before leaving to pursue a solo career. In 2013 Rexha signed with Warner Bros. Records.

For much of 2013, Rexha worked as a songwriter. She helped craft content for significant names in the pop genre, including Selena Gomez, Nikki Williams, and Rihanna. Rexha has a writing credit on Eminem and Rhianna’s hit “The Monster.” The song went on to win a Grammy.

Expectations and her work with other artists

Rexha released Expectations in June 2018. The first single, “I’m a Mess” dropped a week before the album’s official release. In Nov. 2018 “Say My Name,” a song featuring David Guetta and J Balvin was also released as a single.

Labeled primarily as a pop artist, Rexha pulls musical influence from a variety of different musical styles. Because of her fluid influences, she has worked with artists across multiple genres. Rexha appears on “Meant to Be,” a song featuring Florida Georgia Line. Florida Georgia Line is a country music duo most famous for their 2013 hit “Cruise” and 2014 collaboration with Luke Bryan on “This Is How We Roll.”

What’s next for Bebe Rexha

With the Grammy nod, Rexha is off to a solid start in the music industry. Not yet 30, she is looking forward to working on her second album. Rexha will also be performing at The Grammys, and will be appearing live at Hangout Fest 2019, a music festival in Gulf Shores, AL.