Who is Hayden Panettiere Dating?

Hayden Panettiere has had an interesting love life, to say the least.

Starting in 2009, the actress began dating Ukranian boxer Wladimir Klitschko. The two had an on and off relationship but got engaged in 2013. They never married but did have a daughter, Kaya, together.

Coming off of her broken engagement, fans thought that maybe Panettiere had found a more healthy love when she began dating Brian Hickerson last August.

But apparently, the relationship has turned toxic.

Who is Hickerson?

Hickerson hails from South Carolina. He moved to L.A. just before he and Panettiere got together. He moved to the city to become an actor, but has only been in one film, M.F.A. He works as a real estate agent as well.

What’s wrong with their relationship?

Apparently, the actress’ family and friends are very concerned about her relationship with Hickerson.

In May of this year, Hickerson was booked on felony domestic violence charges after an argument with Panettiere.

The arrest occurred after the couple went out drinking in Hollywood. When police were called to her apartment, they saw “redness and marks on Hayden’s body,” according to TMZ.

Since the incident, her family has been begging her to “straighten up and move ahead,” according to People.

“It is totally out of control and she has to get over this guy,” the source told the outlet.

“Her friends and family have been worried about her for quite a while, and things seem to have gotten worse,” the source continued. “She needs to do some soul-searching. For whatever reason, she continues this relationship, but it has done nothing but take her down lower. It’s a sad situation.”

Her loved ones are hoping that the actress will find new people to be around.

“Hayden needs to surround herself with different types of people and get a hand on both her personal and professional life,” the source said. “It’s hard to imagine things getting any worse, but they could.”

Her daughter has not even been living with her. Instead, she has been staying in Ukraine with her dad since the split.

“Her life is in flux with her daughter living away, and she has other issues weighing on her mind,” the source continued.

Another source told the outlet that they just want Panettiere to be happy again.

“Hayden is a wonderful and talented girl who was so happy with her family,” the source said. “I hope she can wade through whatever has gone wrong and get her life back together.”

What happened in Hickerson’s domestic violence case?

Hickerson pleaded not guilty to the May charges.

Last week, he went to court over the incident. At the hearing, the judge denied the motion to dismiss the charges, according to RadarOnline.

“I understand he has no record, but the problem I have, counsel, is that this was not the first attack,” the judge said. “Just very recently, prior to this in Puerto Rico, something happened … and those are the marks on the victim. This happened twice this time. It wasn’t enough for him to cause her nose to bleed by hitting her with an open palm … he followed her into the bedroom and was the aggressor again, causing that severe swelling and bruising on the cheek and marks on her neck. Give that, in my mind, the evidence has shown these are three different attacks by your client on this victim, once in Puerto Rico and twice that night … I’m going to hold him on the felony.”