Who Is In ‘Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists’? Meet the Cast of the New Show

Since the end of Pretty Little Liars back in 2017, its spinoff The Perfectionists is set to bring another obsessed worthy drama to Freeform on March 20.

We will soon travel to the town of Beacon Heights, a town of mystery that’s secrets will one day be revealed.

The Perfectionists
‘Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists’ Cast | via Freeform

The show is set to bring back a few familiar faces as well as a few new ones.

Just Like the town of Rosewood, Beacon Heights has residents living with a ton of secrets. Will they be revealed or will someone get hurt before that happens?

Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse)

Sasha Pieterse is making her comeback to the Pretty Little Liars world as Alison DiLaurentis, but this time she isn’t the center of all of the drama.

In The Perfectionists, Ali is a new faculty member at Beacon Heights University. Leaving the town of Rosewood far behind, Ali is looking to start a brand new life as a teacher and is looking forward to relate to her students.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Pieterse reveals that Ali’s experiences as a teenager plays a part in how she relates to the students of Beacon Heights.

“Ali comes to BHU…to turn a new leaf, and her goal is to help students,” Sasha says. When she meets the perfectionists, she spots them out immediately. She sniffs [them] out. She’s like, ‘These people are different than my other students. Something’s happening here.’”

Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish)

The OG “A” is back but is not looking to continue her dark streak in The Perfectionists.

The last time PLL fans saw Mona Vanderwaal, we saw her holding Mary and Alex Drake captive.

In The Perfectionists, Mona has given up her manipulative side to become a faculty member at Beacon Heights University.

Just like Alison, Mona moved to a new town to get a fresh new start and leave all of the things she experienced in Rosewood behind her.

“She moves to Beacon Heights to try to reinvent herself and start from scratch,” Janel Parrish says about her character. “But ultimately, she’s still Mona. Darkness still follows her. She’s still mysterious.”

Caitlin Martell-Lewis (Sydney Park)

As one of the students who has a lot at stake, Caitlin Martell-Lewis has a lot riding on her career at Beacon Heights University.

Played by actress Sydney Park, Caitlin Martell-Lewis is the daughter of a senator who is expected to achieve in anything she does.

From her studies to sports, Caitlin has everything going for her and constantly falls under the pressure.

Park reveals that her character is “just trying to strive to be her best self, and she’s got a lot of pressure,” and fans of the show will get a chance to see Caitlin eventually fall apart.

Ava Jalali (Sofia Carson)

One of the newest characters of the Pretty Little Liars franchise is Ava Jalali.

Ava is played by Descendants actress, Sofia Carson, and is a Beacon Heights University student who has a dark past.

Not only is she a fashion student and blogger, Ava is also an overachiever who, like many of the other Perfectionists, has secrets that will soon come back to haunt her.

“There’s so much depth and dimension to her story, and she carries so much on her shoulders, and yet she carries it with so much grace,” Sofia Carson says about Ava. “Despite all odds, she’s determined to survive, and to succeed at everything she sets her mind to.”

Claire Hotchkiss (Kelly Rutherford)

For any Gossip Girl fans out there, you might remember Kelly Rutherford as your favorite Upper East Side elite, Lily van der Woodsen.

Rutherford is returning to another network drama as The Perfectionists’ very own Claire Hotchkiss.

Hotchkiss is the matriarch of the most powerful family in Beacon Heights. She is all about maintaining control and perfection at the University and makes sure that no one gets in her way.

Just like everyone else in Beacon Heights, Hotchkiss has a dark side and will stop at nothing to make sure she remains on top of the social ladder.

Dylan Wright (Eli Brown)

Dylan Wright is one of the main perfectionists whose background story tells a lot about him as a person.

Dylan is a very talented cellist who is very serious about his career in music. Most of his time is spent with executing a musical piece of spending time with his boyfriend.

Just like the other perfectionists, Dylan has secrets of his own and hides them away until they come back up to haunt him.

On top of that, Dylan is also openly gay, which is why he strives to prove the people who have ever doubted him, wrong.

“[Dylan] grew up in a small town as an out gay kid,” Eli Brown says about his character. “I think that he has a lack of trust and confidence in himself, and he feels the need to overcompensate, which is why he pushes himself so hard.”

Nolan Hotchkiss (Chris Mason)

As Claire Hotchkiss’ son and fellow Beacon Heights University student, Nolan Hotchkiss definitely has a reputation to uphold.

Hotchkiss is known as the campus “It Boy” who has everything going for him. Good looks, good grades, and the product child of a well-known family.

Nolan Hotchkiss is used to things going his way and will stop at nothing to get exactly what he wants—even if that means resorting to blackmail.