Who Is Jenny Slate’s Fiance Ben Shattuck?

Jenny Slate has been in the shadows for too long. She’s well known as Chris Evans‘ on-again-off-again girlfriend, but she should get more credit for her own work: She’s funny and an accomplished actress. Now, she’ll have a Netflix comedy special to prove it. 

When your boyfriend is literally Captain America, it’s understandable that your love life is what people focus on. Now that Slate has moved on, she can get her due for her work. She’s also found love again. 

Jenny Slate is engaged to Ben Shattuck

Jenny Slate
Jenny Slate | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Many fans responded to that news with “who?” Even though Shattuck isn’t super famous like Slate’s last beau, he’s still well known in certain circles. He also seems like an awesome boyfriend.

He proposed to Slate in France, after a beautiful afternoon picnic at an abandoned French castle. According to Slate, Shattuck made her feel “happy” and “free” before popping the question. The answer was a resounding “yes” from Slate. 

Who is Ben Shattuck?

Shattuck wears many hats. He is a curator for his mother’s gallery, the Deedee Shattuck gallery, and he’s an artist and writer himself. He apparently went to Cornell University. 

Shattuck is not a celebrity, so there’s not much out there about him. We do know he was seen at the Sundance Film Festival with Slate back in January. That was their first public debut as a couple, so it seems like things moved kind of fast for these two.

We also know how Shattuck makes Slate feel. She seems inspired by their relationship. She called him the “kindest” and “brightest” in her post announcing their engagement. Fans were excited to see her so happy after the ups and downs of her relationship with Evans

Jenny Slate deserves happiness in love

Slate was married when she first met Evans back in 2016. When she and her then-husband separated, she started dating Evans. They broke up a year later and then got back together again in 2018. The second attempt at a relationship did not last long, and the two separated for good.

Even after their breakup, Slate had nothing but good things to say about Evans. She described him as very emotionally available, even vulnerable. She said he’s kind and if she could paint his heart, it would be gold. Considering her colorful descriptions, it makes sense she would marry an artist. 

In the end, even though they respect and love each other as friends, Slate and Evans couldn’t pull off a relationship. She says one of the main reasons she couldn’t be with him was actually due to his fame. Even though Slate is well known, she hasn’t reached Captain America status. That means she can still go out in public and live a normal life. She couldn’t handle being with someone who was under constant scrutiny. 

Everything is coming up Jenny Slate

It seems like Slate’s love life and career are both taking off at the same time. Netflix has picked up her comedy special, Stage Fright. This is not a traditional stand up special. According to Slate, the special will have documentary-like aspects. Viewers to get to know Slate’s family, her fears, and her feelings. There will even be clips of home videos from her childhood. It sounds like she’s really putting herself out there. 

Everyone is excited to see Slate succeed. Her work is always well thought out, and she’s engaging on screen. Hopefully, her career and her love life will bring her all the joy she’s looking for.