Who Is June Foster, the New Third Stew on ‘Below Deck Med?

Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean had to fill either the third stew or chef’s position after she fired Chef Mila Kolomeitseva.

Since she saw promise in third stew Anastasia Surmava’s culinary abilities, Yawn gave Surmava a shot to wow guests (and Yawn) in the kitchen. Surmava scores the position as a full-time chef after nailing the entire charter menu.

Sandy Yawn, Hannah Ferrier, Adam Glick, Bugsy Drake, Lauren Cohen, Malia White, Max Hagley, Bobby Giancola, Wes Walton | Photo by Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

With the third stew position open, Yawn still needed to find a new crew member. Yawn has made it perfectly clear on Twitter that finding new crew members mid-season is no easy feat. But she managed to find a new stew that viewers and the crew will now meet.

She’s got the yachtie chops

When new stew June Foster made her Below Deck Med debut, she let Yawn know she can work on both the deck and in the interior too. “I don’t need anyone on deck, I need you more in the interior,” Yawn says in a clip.

“I’ve always been a bartender or a server, but also I love traveling,” Foster says in a confessional interview. “So I put two of my favorite roles together and got into yachting.”

As Yawn peruses Foster’s resume she remarks about her strong qualifications. Foster says she’s been working in the South of France for four months. “I can’t speak a lick of French, but I don’t think I ever will,” she laughs. Foster is literally thrown into the job immediately with only hours to prepare before charter.

Foster shares this passion with another ‘Below Deck’ stew

Two crew members from Below Deck season six were into yoga. Chef Adrian Martin seemed to be in a downward dog position after meal service. Plus, third stew Laura Betancourt taught yoga on land (and at sea).

Foster also shares this passion and interest in yoga. She completed 200 hours of Ashtanga yoga in Bali to become an instructor. Plus she seems willing to try new workout techniques. She posted an Instagram video trying a pretty unconventional workout.

According to her bio, Foster has a number of shared interests as other Below Deck crew members. “June lives in Arizona, yet spends the majority of the year in the yachting industry as a stewardess, deckhand and yoga instructor. This affords her the opportunity to discover new destinations, experience new cultures, and develop lasting friendships with diverse people from around the world.”

She’s a published author too

Foster seems to be particularly proud of being a published author. She recently published a novel, The Girl and the Golden Leaf. Foster shared that child advocacy and conservation is her true passion, which is the basis of her book.

The Girl and the Golden Leaf” is the first book in a series dedicated to humanitarian efforts and the preservation of the world’s natural resources for future generations,” according to her author website.

Upon the book’s release in January 2019, Foster wrote about how excited she was to share her work. “I’m so excited to share with my friends a few wonderful reviews on my soon to be published debut novel, The Girl and the Golden Leaf,” she shared on Instagram. “My book is projected to be published January 2019.”