Who Is Kristen Stewart’s Girlfriend, Stella Maxwell?

Kristen Stewart has been one of the most intriguing actresses of the last decade, especially when equating her real-life relationships with her movie performances. While she helped create one of the most romantic team-ups of the 21st century with Robert Pattinson via the Twilight films, we know their real-life romance was rocky.

We’ve also learned Stewart has always been bisexual, including making a notable comment about it by saying it’s never been confusing for her.

After her relationship with Pattinson ended, she’s been linked with several women. What’s the latest on her most recent relationship with Stella Maxwell? From all indications, there isn’t anything definite.

The famous two-way break-up that led to Stewart dating women

Some of you may remember the summer of 2012 when a certain confluence of unfortunate romantic events happened with Kristen Stewart. By this point, Stewart and Robert Pattinson had been dating for a few years with a few volatile moments in-between. Prior, Stewart had dated actor Michael Angarano who’s on This is Us now.

While filming Snow White and the Huntsman during that summer, Stewart found herself in a brief romantic fling with the film’s director, Rupert Sanders. A photo of the two ended up being released to the media, and all chaos broke out. Considering a lot of Twilight fans were already obsessed with “Robsten”, it led to many devastated followers.

That was the official end of Stewart and Pattinson. After this point, Stewart embraced her lesbian side and began dating various prominent women. She has yet to go back to dating a man.

Dating Alicia Cargile

Early 2016 saw Stewart involved with dating visual effects producer Alicia Cargile, something confirmed in a 2016 interview for Elle. It seemed this relationship was as iffy as the one with Pattinson since she mentioned in the interview she’d broken up with Cargile several times before reuniting.

This and other relationships with women occurred in the blink of an eye between 2016 and 2017. Some of her other girlfriends were interesting choices.

Dating French singer-songwriter Soko

A lot of those Stewart relationships with women went by so fast, they’re almost forgotten now. KStew went international and started dating the French singer Stephanie “Soko” Sokolinski for a few months in 2016.

They looked really serious for a while based on pics shown in a 2016 issue of US Magazine. However, it didn’t last long when reports were Stewart was showing interest in Irish supermodel Stella Maxwell.

Stewart even dated pop star St. Vincent

Did you know Kristen Stewart dated St. Vincent in late 2016? Otherwise known as Annie Clark, St. Vincent has already been known for dating various A-list women.

Stewart’s date with Clark was reportedly brief. The reason being is her relationship with Maxwell was about to heat up. Nevertheless, evidence is still out there Stewart is going through girlfriends every six months to a year.

Learning more about Stella Maxwell

Stella Maxwell
Stella Maxwell |Taylor Hill/Getty Images

After all those quick dates in 2016, Stewart seemed to get serious with Maxwell. If you’re not familiar with the latter, she was born in Belgium to Northern Ireland parents. Once moving to New Zealand, she became a Victoria’s Secret supermodel as well as Max Factor’s signature model.

You may recall hearing about Miley Cyrus possibly having a romantic relationship with Maxwell. Even though Cyrus denied those rumors, Stewart and Maxwell were definitely an item up until December of 2018.

Their relationship was one of the longest Stewart has had since the Pattinson days. Stewart seems to be already moving on, though, if you go by recent paparazzi pics showing her out and about with a new unknown woman (possibly fashion blogger Sara Dinkin).

Men aren’t entirely out of the picture for the future, according to Stewart. Yet, her breakneck experimentation has already made paparazzi fall over themselves taking photos on every international street corner.