Who Is Kristine Froseth, the Star of ‘Looking For Alaska’?

John Green’s books have been important to teenage readers, and the films based on them have been huge hits like The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns. Looking for Alaska was one of Green’s books Hollywood tried to adapt, but it never happened. Now Hulu is airing an eight-episode series based on Looking for Alaska. Kristine Froseth plays Alaska Young, the girl who captivates Miles ‘Pudge’ Halter (Charlie Plummer), but whose tragic past and actions are mysterious to him.

Kristine Froseth
Kristine Froseth of ‘Looking for Alaska’| Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Hulu presented a panel on Looking for Alaska to the Television Critics Association on Friday. After the panel, Froseth stayed to talk with reporters further. Here’s what we learned about the woman who will bring Alaska Young to life when Looking for Alaska premieres October 18, 2019.

Kristine Froseth was going to play Alaska in the movie

In 2014, Kristine Froseth auditioned to play Alaska in a movie. At the time she was modeling and transitioning into acting. The movie never got made but Froseth made it to the testing with other actors for chemistry. Playing Alaska has been a long time coming for her.

Kristine Froseth
Kristine Froseth of ‘Looking for Alaska’ | Rich Fury/Getty Images

“This has been a dream of mine for so, so many years, five years to be exact,” Froseth said. “So I’ve already kind of accomplished that.”

You’ve seen Kristine Froseth before on Netflix

Another streaming series starring Kristine Froseth, The Society, premiered on Netflix in May, and Froseth will return for a second season. So her acting career is going strong. 

“Now I have another TV show that just got renewed so that’s really exciting, The Society,” Froseth said. “So I’m really fortunate to have the ball keep on rolling and working with a lot of great people.”

Kristine Froseth is a big fan of John Green

Kristine Froseth was reading John Green’s books before she ever had the chance to star in a movie or show based on one. 

“I love how well he puts teenagers’ thoughts and emotions so well onto the paper,” Froseth said. “You really feel understood. His books, I felt such relief, I felt less alone in the world. He just gets it and writes it in a really beautiful way.”

Kristine Froseth
Kristine Froseth speaks onstage during the Hulu 2019 Summer TCA Press Tour | Andrew Toth/Getty Images for Hulu

In Looking for Alaska, there was one scene she couldn’t wait to perform.

“I was really excited to shoot the first time Alaska and Miles meet in The Smoking Hole and Alaska shares her favorite quote from The General and His Labyrinth,” Froseth said. “I think that’s a really beautiful moment because it’s, first of all, their first connection but it really shows Alaska’s vulnerability and her suffering I think and that’s been really important for me.”

Kristine Froseth can relate to Alaska Young

Fans of John Green’s book know the tragic elements of Alaska’s character. We’ll let people watching Looking for Alaska for the first time discover the details themselves, but it involves loss. Froseth could relate to Alaska in that way.

“Alaska and I are very similar internally so I was definitely going through a lot of those struggles,” Froseth said. “She’s had a lot of pain growing up. She lost her mother so she’s been dealing with grief and she hasn’t been really dealing with it in a healthy way. So exploring those bits, because I lost someone very close to me, and that’s been really important for me to do justice to.”

Kristine Froseth
Kristine Froseth of ‘Looking for Alaska’ | Rich Fury/Getty Images

Froseth hopes characters like Alaska can help real teenagers dealing with similar issues in their lives.

“It’s different for everyone obviously but I feel like that was really important for me and then I learned about my more outgoing side,” Froseth said. “I’m a very shy person so it was very interesting and challenging for me to tap into her external life. It was very scary.”

Kristine Froseth loves ‘The O.C.’

The O.C. creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage produce Looking for Alaska. Froseth started binge-watching the show when she met them and now she’s hooked. 

“It started with me and my sister,” Froseth said. “My sister started watching it and I just started creeping in watching it with her and then it just became like a family thing. You really just relate so much to what the teenagers are going through. It’s just funny. It’s entertaining. They go over important topics so it just checks off all the lists.”

Froseth says Schwartz and Savage are working their i. magic with Looking for Alaska too.

“I think him and Stephanie do the same with this,” Froseth said. “They stay true to the message but they put it all in John’s beautiful characters and just add the humor, add all the entertaining bits with the important messages behind everything.”