Who is Lee Kirk, Jenna Fischer’s Husband, and How Long Have They Been Married?

Actress Jenna Fischer, who played Pam Beesly on The Office, definitely has a type. If the actress’ former and current husbands are any indication, Fischer is drawn to directors. Fischer was married to director James Gunn from 2000 to 2008.

Fischer’s onscreen husband in The Office was played by John Krasinski. Krasinski has since become a very successful director as well, however, no romance between Krasinski and Fischer exists in real life. Krasinski is married to actress Emily Blunt, while Fischer is married to director Lee Kirk.

Who is Lee Kirk, Jenna Fischer’s husband?

Kirk is an American screenwriter and director. He has only written and directed a handful of projects. Kirk wrote films The Giant Mechanical Man, Pants on Fire, and Ordinary World, as well as a 2009 play that was produced in LA, called Sad Happy Sucker. Kirk directed The Giant Mechanical Man, Ordinary World, and an episode of The Office.

Ordinary World, starring Green Day‘s Billie Joe Armstrong, was originally titled Geezer. The title of the movie was changed after Armstrong wrote an original song called “Ordinary World” for the movie.

How did Jenna Fischer meet her husband, Lee Kirk?

Fischer and Kirk met at a film festival, where the two were paired up to work on a short film together. Fischer also starred in a music video that Kirk directed, but it wasn’t until Kirk was writing and directing a movie that Fischer was producing and starring in that the two fell in love.

Jenna Fischer and husband Lee Kirk fell in love while making a movie together

In an interview with Vulture, Fischer revealed that she wanted to produce a movie, but she also wanted to see all of the stages of the movie’s creation, starting with its inception. The movie Fischer chose to produce was The Giant Mechanical Man, which Kirk wrote and directed.

“Well, I attached myself as producer and actor to the movie. Then, for the next six or eight months or so, Lee was writing the movie, and he would turn in different drafts, and I would give him my thoughts. Very slowly, over those months, our meetings started turning into dates,” Fischer recalled. “I was hesitant to tell him that I was developing feelings for him because this is my first producing job. I wanted to be professional! And here I am, falling in love with the writer.”

Despite her initial reservations, due to Kirk and Fischer both recently ending long-term relationships, they eventually confessed their feelings for each other. “I loved the movie so much that I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize it. But after eight months of doing this, we finally confessed that we had feelings for each other. It was so great, because we had fallen in love,” Fischer said. The actress also told Vulture that she felt like their relationship made the film richer instead of detracting from it.

Kirk and Fischer got engaged in June 2009 and were married in a small ceremony in Malibu on July 3, 2010. The wedding was officiated by Survivor host Jeff Probst.

How many children do Jenna Fischer and Lee Kirk have together?

Fischer and Kirk have two children, a son and a daughter. After just over a year of marriage, son Weston Lee was born in September 2011. Kirk was inspired to write Ordinary World when his son was born around the same time Kirk turned 40 years old.

“My first son was born a couple weeks before my 40th birthday. When you have a newborn, you’re obviously cooped up in the house for a while,” Kirk laughed as he revealed his inspiration to Chorus.fm. “I wanted to write another movie and it was clearly the most obvious thing to be writing about. So I started thinking about this film and the change that happens with having a child, and also with turning 40.”

The couple’s daughter, Harper Marie, was born in May 2014.