Who is ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Actress Lexi Underwood?

The Hulu series Little Fires Everywhere is enjoying a moment. Fans and critics alike are praising the show for its gut-wrenching portrayal of motherhood and the complex interactions between its two protagonists — flawlessly portrayed by Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon. Based on Celeste Ng’s book of the same name (but with a few key differences), Little Fires Everywhere is promising to be a major pop-culture force. While Washington and Witherspoon were already household names, some other actors in the series are likely to see a boost to their name recognition. 

One of those actors is Lexi Underwood. Her career has had a few TV movies and television series appearances, but Little Fires Everywhere is promising to put her in the spotlight in a whole new way. 

Lexi Underwood wearing a gold yellow outfit on a dark teal couch in front of a teal and green backdrop
Lexi Underwood | Erik Voake/Getty Images for Hulu

Lexi Underwood plays Pearl Warren

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In the show, Underwood portrays Pearl Warren, the teenage daughter of Mia (Kerry Washington), as reported by Refinery29. Mia is a nomadic artist whose life is full of freedom and expression, and Pearl is fiercely loyal to her mother. However, she is also drawn to the picture-perfect life of the traditionally suburban Richardson family, headed up by Reese Witherspoon’s character Elena. 

Underwood has really gotten into the role of Pearl. In addition to getting dressed up in clothing fitting for a teen in the 1990s, she’s also made a playlist appropriate for her character. She says that Pearl has been jamming out to the Spice Girls and the Fugees. Pearl is a complex character who is initially portrayed as naive and at risk of being used by Elena. Underwood, however, sees her character as much more interesting: “I think she knows what she wants. I think she knows that the Richardsons are using her, but that she’s playing her cards right, and maybe even doing the same thing to them.”

Lexi Underwood has acted in several small roles

While many people may be seeing 16-year-old Underwood for the very first time, the young actor actually has quite a bit of experience under her belt, according to IMDb. She first appeared in an episode of the TV series Person of Interest in 2014. A few TV movies and several other small parts on TV series (including some recurring guest spots) dotted Underwood’s resume leading up to her appearance on Little Fires Everywhere. 

She may be young, but her work on shows like The Good DoctorNo Good Nick, and Criminal Minds helped her demonstrate that she was ready for the responsibility of playing such a pivotal major character as Pearl Warren. 

Signs are pointing up for Lexi Underwood

Just being involved in a series as popular and well-received as Little Fires Everywhere was set to be a huge move for Underwood, but her impressive performance has definitely drawn extra attention. In late April, Underwood posted on social media to let the world know that she was signing with well-known agency CAA. 

This is definitely a sign that we have not seen the last of Underwood and that the role of Pearl Warren will be a jumping-off point for an active future career. She clearly has the acting ability to portray a dramatic and complex character, and she’d be a great fit for more suspenseful work in the future. Hopefully, we’ll get to see her in other films and TV series that showcase her ability to keep viewers guessing about just how much she knows and what she’ll do with that knowledge. She would be an excellent candidate for a psychological thriller or even an intellectual horror film. 

Now that Little Fires Everywhere has wrapped up — and there are currently no plans for a second season — Underwood is free for other projects. Fans will be keeping a close eye to see where she lands!