Who Is Madonna’s Rumored Boyfriend Ahlamalik Williams?

Madonna is known for being a legendary musician with numerous hit singles under her belt. Aside from her music career, though, the 61-year-old also attracts a lot of attention for her love life.

Recently, she has been spotted a lot with a dancer named Ahlamalik Williams. He’s not exactly a celebrity, so many people are no doubt curious to know more about Williams. Read on below to find out who Williams is and what his relationship with Madonna is like.

What we know about Madonna’s rumored beau Ahlamalik Williams

Madonna attends the "Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology" Costume Institute Gala.
Madonna | Mike Coppola/Getty Images for People.com

Williams was born in April 1994, which means that he is currently 25 years old and about 36 years younger than Madonna. According to the Daily Mail, Williams also grew up in California and went to a high school near Sacramento.

He has reportedly been dancing for Madonna since her 2015 Rebel Heart tour, and he also appeared in Madonna’s 2016 documentary about the tour.

Williams has an Instagram account that is followed by over 80,000 people. He mostly posts videos of himself dancing as well as promotions for events he will appear at.

Ahlamalik Williams’ parents approve of his relationship with Madonna

Although neither Williams and Madonna has shared much about their relationship, it seems that things could be getting serious for the lovebirds.

Williams’ parents, Laurie and Drue, recently talked to the press about their son and the world-famous singer. Laurie and Drue seem to be supportive of Williams and Madonna being together.

“Madonna went on and on about how much she cares about our son,” Williams’ father, Drue, revealed. “She said he’s intelligent and very talented… We know there’s a huge age gap between the two – 36 years. Madonna is two years older than me. But I have told my son love doesn’t have an age range when you’re consenting adults. I asked him how he feels about her and he says he has never been happier.”

His mother, Laurie, also shared that their family has been big Madonna fans. She echoed Drue’s sentiment that Madonna seems to care a lot of their son.

She said: “I believe Madonna is going to stick with him because of the talent he has. As well as a dancer, he’s a songwriter, too. We met her after a show and it was incredible. The first thing she said to me was, ‘Wasn’t he fantastic?’ You never know, they could get married.”

Who Madonna dated in the past

Madonna has been famous for decades now, so it’s not surprising that she has had a colorful love life. In the 1980s, Madonna dated the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Sean Penn, John F. Kennedy Jr., and Warren Beatty. Then, in the 1990s, she was seeing Vanilla Ice, Tupac, Dennis Rodman, and Carlos Leon.

However, in 2000, Madonna decided to marry Guy Ritchie. She and Ritchie ended up being together for eight years before divorcing in 2008. They also have one son together — Rocco — who was born in 2000.

After her divorce with Ritchie, Madonna began making headlines for dating men who are more than 20 years her junior. Technically, most of the guys Madonna dated in the past few decades have been younger than her to a degree.

Yet, Madonna was in her 50s after her divorce and was making news because the men she was with — such as Jesus Luz, Brahim Zaibat, Timor Steffen, and Kevin Sampaio — were all in their early 20s.

In any case, with her recent fling with 25-year-old Ahlamalik Williams, it does not seem like Madonna has any plans to stop this dating streak any time soon.