Who Is Mahershala Ali’s Wife, Amatus Sami-Karim?

Mahershala Ali won an Oscar back in 2017 for his work on the thought-provoking film, Moonlight. Now he’s up for his second Academy Award for Green Book. The former House of Cards actor has already taken home a Golden Globe for absolutely nailing the pivotal role of Dr. Don Shirley. Ali has definitely made quite a name for himself during his short stint in Hollywood, earning nominations, awards, and critical acclaim. 

How has the handsome actor made such big waves in Tinseltown? It’s not just his undeniable talent and incredible drive that has boosted his career. He also has a supportive wife by his side. As the old saying goes, “Behind every great man is a woman.”

Ali and Amatus Sami-Karim go way back

Ali’s beautiful wife, Amatus Sami-Karim, has known the actor long before he had his debut. The two met while they were studying at the Tisch School of the Arts. According to a 2014 interview, Ali and Sami-Karim met like 17 years ago at the time. That means the artsy couple has known each other for over 20 years now! While their exact marriage date might be under wraps, the two were dating back in their art school days. They met, they connected, and now they are conquering the “art world” one step at a time. 

Amatus Sami-Karim is an artist in her own right

While the love of her life may have carved out his own niche in Hollywood, Sami-Karim has her own artistic projects going on. She has labeled herself as a performative conceptual artist, which basically means she is a multi-talented badass. Not only did she successfully graduate from Tisch but she put in a year acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Now the Jane of all trades utilizes music, film, and theatre to create one of a kind artistic experiences revolving around history, identity and pop culture. She’s created a fabulous EP titled Broken Compass, a musical score for the play Sunset Baby, numerous film compositions, and recently handled the audio for the off-Broadway play The Homecoming Queen. Sami-Karim was nominated for the Drama Desk Award thanks to her phenomenal work on the music and soundboard. 

Since going pro, Sami-Karim has also rubbed shoulders with some big industry names including Absolute, HBO, FOX, PBS, Pepsi, and Universal Music Group. Talk about an impressive client list!

Amatus Sami-Karim isn’t afraid to speak up

Sami-Karim is a known feminist and activist and isn’t afraid to speak her mind when it comes to injustices. As a woman of color it comes as no surprise that she is all about promoting not just women’s right, but rights for minorities and people of color as well. She’s also all about gun control. In a post on her Instagram account, Sami-Karim opens up about losing three people to gun violence. Perusing her social media account also shows she cares deeply about voting rights and children’s rights among other important causes. 

Sami-Karim is a supportive wife and mother

Sure, Sami-Karim is an artist for work, but at home she is a caring wife and mother. The show-stopping couple gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in February 2017. They named her Bari Najma Ali — Bari meaning originator and Najima meaning star. Having an energetic one-year-old has been a grounding experience for both of them and has turned up Sami-Karim’s motherly instincts to the max. Despite having a new life to watch over, she still pours tons of love and energy into her hubby.

The doting wife has been beyond supportive of Ali from day one. She doesn’t just use her Instagram as a social warrior platform; she also uses it to boost projects that her partner is working on. You’ll also catch Sami-Karim congratulating the love of her life on a job well done and wishing him happy birthday on the big day. How sweet is that?