Who Is Olivia Bolton? She’s Tom Holland’s Reported New Love Interest

The good news: Tom Holland might have a girlfriend. The bad news (well, depending on who you ask): It’s not Zendaya.

Holland and his Spider-Man co-star have been the subject of romance rumors for years. While they’ve denied it in the past, fans still believed the two had something going on. However, Holland squashed that speculation on July 14 when paparazzi spotted him packing on the PDA with a mystery woman in London.

So who is she? Page Six has identified the woman as Olivia Bolton.

Tom Holland
Actor Tom Holland |Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Everything you need to know about Olivia Bolton

The Sun did some digging and discovered that Bolton works in digital production in London. She met the actor through her parents, and they eventually began dating. As of writing, they’ve reportedly been seeing each other for “months.”

“Tom and Olivia’s family have been friends for years but it took some time for Tom and Olivia to [realize] the connection between them,” a source told the publication.

“Tom’s been dogged with [rumors] about who he’s dating so finally being public with Olivia has been a massive relief for him,” the source continued.

The insider went on to say that Holland is “smitten” with Bolton, and that “all their friends and family think they make a lovely couple.” Aww!

Inside Holland and Bolton’s recent date

According to TMZ, Holland and Bolton attended British Summer Time Hyde Park Festival on July 14, where they watched acts like The Black Eyed Peas and Robbie Williams. They enjoyed some drinks, listened to music, and got pretty close — OK, really close. Multiple photos show them holding hands, and she even touched his butt.

The appearance came just weeks after Holland told Elle that he’s interested in pursuing a relationship in the future. In the June 20 interview, he said that he is “definitely a relationship person.”

“I’m not the fleeting type at all; it’s not my way of life,” he continued. 

So who knows — maybe he has found a match in Bolton. Sorry, TomDaya.

The fan reactions to Holland’s rumored new girlfriend are wild

Fans lost it when news broke that Holland is dating someone who isn’t Zendaya. Some of them immediately took to social media to share their reactions, which ranged from happiness to full-on hysterics.

“So you’re telling tom holland has a girlfriend and it’s not [Ms.] ZENDAYA??????” one person tweeted. Another added, “I refuse to believe tom holland is dating someone other than Zendaya.”

Oof. Clearly, people have been in denial about Holland and his co-star — even though the two have consistently shut down romance rumors

Others, however, shared messages that were a lot more celebratory. Some tweeted things like, “RESPECT TOM HOLLAND’S GIRLFRIEND.” A Twitter user by the name of Shelby Rose added, “Okay tom holland stans, now’s the time to be hella supportive and loving of him and his girlfriend. If I see one more ‘iT ShOuLD BE ZenDayA’ tweet i’m gonna scream.” 

Well, if these reports are accurate, congratulations to those two. They make a cute couple.