Who is Selena Gomez Dating?

When it comes to celebrities, people always want to know as much as possible about their personal lives. What their diet is like, what their daily routine is, etc. But no subject invokes as much intrigue as who stars are dating.

Despite trying to be private, Selena Gomez has had a pretty public love life. Since she was a young teen, her romances have been spread all over the internet for everyone to see. From Justin Bieber to The Weekend, we’ve seen every hookup, every makeup, and every breakup. So, who is Gomez dating now?

Who is Gomez Dating?

Recently, rumors have been flying around that the singer is dating producer, Andrea Iervolino. She was seen traveling with him for her 27th birthday.

Sources close to Gomez have claimed that she and Iervolino are just friends.

“Selena and Andrea are nothing more than good friends and there’s no romance brewing between them whatsoever,” a source told HollywoodLife.

“They have worked together in the past and really bonded over the time they’ve spent together while filming,” the source continued. “However, friends definitely wouldn’t mind seeing her date someone like Andrea because he’s really sweet, he’s handsome, smart, successful, in his early 30s, etc. But right now there’s nothing going on between them and she’s simply enjoying her time away with her BFFs Raquelle [Stevens], Ashley [Cook], and Caroline [Franklin.]”

Is Gomez looking for love?

But just because nothing is going on with Iervolino, doesn’t mean that Gomez isn’t open to a relationship.

“Selena, like everyone, would like love but that is not happening with Andrea,” the source continued. “She is single and that is OK. Andrea is not exactly her type anyways and she really only thinks of him as a friend. She trusts him because of that friendship and that is why she likes hanging out with him. He is a good guy but Selena wants it known that you can have friends that are of the opposite sex without it going somewhere else. She likes that she doesn’t have to worry about him blabbering about her to other people. She feels safe around him but she doesn’t have any romantic vibes or feelings for him.”

Right now, Gomez is focusing more on herself and enjoying life.

“This trip is not about romance for Selena, she brought family with her, her grandparents are there. It’s about sharing moments,” another source told the outlet. “She has lots of her good friends there with her too, Raquelle, Ashley, and more of the girls form her core inner circle. She and Andrea have a great connection and have remained in touch over the past year but they are just friends.”

Gomez’s previous relationships

Gomez may be single now, but she has had quite a few public loves. The most notable of which was Justin Bieber. The two began dating in 2011. They were then on and off for several years.

In 2017, they even went to counseling with Hillsong counselor Carl Lentz to work on their relationship.

“They don’t want to repeat the same patterns as before,” a source told People. “They’ve clearly had issues in the past, so they’re receiving some guidance from Carl.”

Sadly, the counseling didn’t work and Gomez and Bieber split for good.