Who Is Sofia Richie’s Dad? Scott Disick’s Girlfriend Comes from a Famous Hollywood Family

Even though the world now knows Sofia Richie as TV personality Scott Disick’s girlfriend, the model happens to come from a famous musical family.

Lionel and Sofia Richie
Lionel and Sofia Richie | Christopher Polk/Getty Images for SAG-AFTRA Foundation

However, before Richie was covering magazines and dating Disick, she was known as singer/songwriter Lionel Richie’s youngest daughter.

Richie’s father has been in the music industry for five decades

Sofie Richie is the youngest child of singer and producer Lionel Richie who is considered one of the most influential musicians to date.

From getting his start in the music industry back in 1968, Richie rose to fame as a member of the funk band The Commodores and after signing with Motown Records, became a popular soul group by the mid-70s.

Lionel Richie | Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Along with writing songs for his band, Lionel Richie began accepting songwriting commissions from other artists by the late 70s.

In 1981, Lionel Richie sang the theme song for the film Endless Love alongside Motown legend Diana Ross.

The song received critical acclaim and become one of Motown Records’ biggest hits as well as topped pop charts all around the world.

He Is A Best-Selling Artist

With so much success Lionel Richie started to receive in the music industry, the singer decided to branch off as a solo artist.

In 1982, he debuted his first solo album, Lionel Richie, which launched his career as one of the most successful balladeers of the 1980s. Some of his most notable ballads include, “Hello,” “You Are,” “My Love,” and “Truly.”

In 1985, Lionel Richie, alongside Michael Jackson, wrote the charity single “We Are The World,” which was sung by many well-known musicians at the time.

The single sold 10 millions copies worldwide and was the first ever single to go certified multi-platinum.

Throughout the following years, Lionel Richie’s songs and albums continued topping the charts and have made him a phenomenon in not only the U.S. but in many foreign countries as well.

He is a family man

When he was not writing music or performing around the world, Lionel Richie could be found at home with his family.

In 1983, Richie and his then wife, Brenda Harvey adopted one his band member’s daughter who was only two-years-old at the time.

The couple raised the young girl and legally adopted her when she was nine-years-old. That young girl is now known as fashion designer and socialite, Nicole Richie.

After divorcing from Harvey in 1993, Richie soon married Diane Alexander and together they have two children, Miles Brockman Richie and Sofia Richie.

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Lionel Richie saw that many people he knew did not have fathers in the lives and once he became a father himself, he wanted to make his kids did not have to experience that.

Being a father changed Lionel Richie for the better and though all three of his children are adults now, that still doesn’t stop him from being an over-protective parent.

Back in 2017, Richie shared his concern over his then 19-year-old daughter dating TV personality Scott Disick, who is 15 years her senior.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie
Scott Disick and Sofia Richie | Andrew Toth/Getty Images for Dujour

The musician was “scared to death” his young daughter was dating someone so much older than her but has come to terms with their relationship over time.

Currently, Lionel Richie has a pretty busy schedule judging the hit singing competition American Idol and is most likely continue writing for other musical artists.

Though he is not performing as much as he used to, Lionel Richie will always go down in history as one of the most influential and successful musical artists the world has ever known.