Who Is Steph Curry’s Mom and How Did She Raise NBA Sons?

Steph Curry has achieved the kind of crossover fame that many sports stars can only dream of. The NBA point guard has received numerous accolades during the course of his career, including becoming a six-time All-Star, and a five-time NBA Selection.

Curry and his wife, Ayesha Curry, have secured a place in pop culture history that few other athletes of his generation have. Fans of all ages know and support Curry for his affable, humble nature as well as for his unparalleled skills at basketball. While Steph Curry’s natural talent is his own, he can credit his mother, Sonya Curry, for helping him to become the superstar that he is today.

What was Sonya Curry’s early life like?

Steph Curry
Steph Curry | Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Born Sonya Adams in 1966, Sonya Curry was raised in low-income surroundings. In spite of the poverty she experienced, she became an expert athlete, playing basketball and volleyball in high school. In college, she met basketball-pro Dell Curry, her future husband, all while working on her degree in education. After their marriage, the happy couple welcomed three children: Seth Curry, Steph Curry, and Sydel Curry. 

Sensing her children’s natural affinity for sports, Sonya Curry started coaching them at home as well from the stands, while Dell Curry worked on the specifics of the games with them. 

How did Sonya Curry raise her NBA star sons?

Sonya Curry has often spoken about the early days of their family when she would work hard as a teacher during the day and come home to help Seth, Steph, and Sydel in the evenings. In a 2016 interview, the Curry family matriarch pointed out that she functioned as their support system both at home and when they had a game to play. She states that she “dared to parent” them and that she was the family disciplinarian. 

Still, Curry doesn’t play favorites with any of her kids. In a recent interview, Curry said that she has enjoyed watching both Seth and Steph’s career paths and loves that their journeys have been so different, while still leading them to the same destination: basketball superstars.

She isn’t afraid to offer up her opinion on their careers and how they should handle various opportunities. Reportedly, Sonya Curry wasn’t initially a big fan of her son playing for the Golden State Warriors.

The proud mom also gave some insight into how different her sons are in personality. She revealed that Seth is very quiet but has a prankster streak, while Steph is both fiercely competitive and very supportive of his older brother. Curry also spoke out about the difference in her sons’ playing styles on the court. She stated that Seth plays the game similar to his father, Dell Curry, by waiting patiently for the right moments to take his shot. Steph, on the other hand, tends to “attack” on the court a bit more.

Sonya Curry is now NBA royalty

These days, the Curry family is often referred to as the “royal family of the NBA.” Sonya Curry is often seen in the stands of both Seth and Steph’s basketball games, cheering her sons on and talking smack along with the other fans. The basketball-playing brothers know that their parents support them, no matter what, and have come to look for their mother’s encouraging presence in the stands. Steph admitted that any time his family is in the building, he looks for them and enjoys the interaction that he has with them.

The Curry brothers’ careers show no sign of slowing down. Fortunately for them, their support system remains solid, no matter what the future might hold.