Who Is the Actor That Plays Hot Priest on ‘Fleabag’?

 Fleabag is this year’s breakout hit. Even though the show is in its second season, it’s taking off this year. The first season was great, but with season two the show has really come into its own.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the show’s creator and lead actress, walked away with a few Emmy’s this year. She credits some of the success of season two to Andrew Scott, also known as the “Hot Priest” on the show.

Andrew Scott attends The Olivier Awards.
Andrew Scott | Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Scott’s influence over the show’s success was so big that Waller-Bridge mentioned him in her Emmy acceptance speech. As you may imagine, now that he’s found fame as the Hot Priest, there are a ton of roles opening up to him. It may surprise fans to learn that even though he was fairly unknown before the show, he still has a pretty impressive filmography

Andrew Scott was in a Bond movie

Scott played the controversial C, a bad guy in the latest Bond film. His character, also known as Max Denbigh, was introduced when the U.K. foreign and domestic intelligence agencies joined to form the Joint Security Service. Scott is used to playing characters that aren’t necessarily good guys.

Aside from the Hot Priest, Scott’s other well-known role is as Moriarty on SherlockFans will know that Moriarty is Sherlock Holmes’ arch enemy. Playing Moriarty gives Scott the chance to play a character that is somewhat of an enigma. Moriarty moves in the shadows, much like the character Scott will be playing for his next role.

Andrew Scott will be in ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’

The 1999 movie starring Matt Damon is now officially a classic, and Showtime is remaking it as a series. Scott will star as Mr. Ripley, a character as shifty as Moriarty, although possibly with a little more depth. 

It seems that Scott’s comedy role on Fleabag was different from the roles he usually takes. Scott usually appears in dramas.

Although Fleabag might be more of a dramedy than a straight comedy, it’s still different from his other projects. Spectre and Sherlock are his most noteworthy on-screen appearances, but he’s been in a few other things. All of them were dramas.

Andrew Scott has worked on a lot of dramatic roles

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Scott was one of the main characters in an episode of Black MirrorThe episode, ‘Smithereens’, was about a rideshare driver who takes an intern hostage. It’s pretty dramatic. 

Scott plays a Welsh miner in Pride, a movie about the British miner’s strike in 1984. If working-class families going without income in a desperate attempt to improve their situation isn’t dramatic enough for you, the movie also focuses on the gay and lesbian activists who raised money for miners. Scott plays a gay man from a small mining town. 

Scott played Paul McCartney in a movie about John Lennon, called Lennon Naked. 

Most of his other roles have been minor, including a supportive teacher in the British film Handsome Devil. He also had a guest appearance in the short-lived BBC drama The Hours. 

Scott may have starred in a lot of small roles, but he obviously impressed people on set enough for them to keep hiring him. His first role was in Saving Private Ryan, and from there he was cast in another small part on Band of Brothers. 

Now he’ll play the leading man in The Talented Mr. Ripley. He definitely deserves it, especially after his success on Fleabag. It’s yet another drama, which Scott seems comfortable with. After seeing him in Fleabag, we hope Scott will eventually have the chance to explore his comedic side again.