Who is ‘The Baby-Sitters Club’ Actor Momona Tamada?

Netflix is on fire lately, releasing tons of awesome original series and creative films. From jaw-dropping demogorgons in the insanely popular Stranger Things to the bubbly, family fun of reboots like Fuller House, Netflix continues to prove that they know what viewers want. One of their newest additions is an adaptation of the popular book series, The Baby-Sitters Club. The series has all the makings of a sweet, funny, glimpse into tween life in suburbia. Fans of the show will love the quirky cast, especially the talents of the bright, shining, up-and-coming new star–Momona Tamada. 

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‘The Baby-sitter’s Club’: The newest tween hit on Netflix

In the late 80s, droves of tween girls made plans to round up their friends and create their very own baby-sitting service. These tiny entrepreneurs were inspired by the popular book series, The Baby-Sitters Club, written by Ann M. Martin. The series ran from 1986-2000 and sold 176 million copies in that time, according to Mental Floss. The series was so popular that multiple spin-offs were created, including mysteries and special editions. Martin was overwhelmed and eventually had to hire ghostwriters to keep up with the demand. 

The Baby-Sitters Club adventures moved from books to screen with a brief HBO series in 1990 and a film in 1995. Netflix put their own spin on the tween babysitting club with a new series starting July 3. The series follows Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, Dawn, and Stacey as they juggle the sticky problems of middle school life and begin their own booming baby-sitting service. The young actresses playing these lead roles deliver charming performances, highlighting the individual personalities that make the girls unique. You’ll also recognize Alicia Silverstone (who could forget Cher from Clueless–as if!), who plays the role of Kristy’s mother, Elizabeth. 

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Momona Tamada brings Claudia to life

There were four original members of The Baby-Sitters Club. Kristy was the creator and president. Other main characters included Claudia (vice-president), Stacey (treasurer), and Mary Anne (secretary). Each girl had her own unique characteristics, and they all had different strengths and weaknesses. Kristy is the leader, and a tomboy who loves sports. Stacey is the mature one of the group, while Mary Anne is quiet, shy, and the youngest of the group. Then there’s Claudia. Claudia is outgoing, loves junk food, and finds art in everything. Momona Tamada brings this expressive character to life in the Netflix series.

Tamada enjoys playing the artistic Claudia and had tons of fun during wardrobe fittings. Since her character is ultra-fashionable, Tamada has the largest wardrobe of any character in the show. She shares Claudia’s love of fashion, and likes to experiment with clothing in real life. During an interview with Fashionista, Tamada agreed that she likes to use clothing as a form of self-expression, much like her character in the show. 

You don’t have to be a fan of the original books to enjoy the new Netflix series. In fact, it may inspire many tweens to pick up the books for the first time. Tamada’s bubbly, charming portrayal of Claudia is sure to turn some heads. 

Where was she before ‘The Babysitters Club’?

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Tamada was raised in Vancouver, Canada. Her parents are Japanese immigrants, and Tamada speaks fluent Japanese, according to IMDb. She is a competitive dancer, a hobby she began at just four years old. Tamada performed with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and danced in the opening ceremonies for the B.C. Summer Games. She also models for Lululemon. 

She stole viewer’s hearts in her role as young Lara Jean in the popular Netflix film To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (the sequel to All the Boys I’ve Loved Before). Fans of the film can catch her again in the third installment, To All the Boys, Always and Forever, Lara Jean, which may be released sometime next year, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

Tamada had a major role in the Netflix film The Main Event, playing the friend of a young boy who discovers a magical wrestling mask at an estate sale. In addition to all of her work for Netflix, she also starred in AMC’s series The Terror and Amazon’s The Boys

You can catch Momona Tamada and her talented co-stars in The Baby-Sitters Club on Netflix this summer.