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Who is ‘The Bachelor’s’ Caelynn Miller-Keyes?

Every year on The Bachelor, there are a few girls who stand out. And we aren’t just talking about the one who gets the first impression rose.

No, each year there are a few girls who make a lasting impression on us from early on in the season. Those girls usually become front-runners to become the next bachelorette.

One of the girls from Colton Underwood’s season who has begun to stand out from the crowd is Caelynn Miller-Keyes.

In a recent episode of The Bachelor, Miller-Keyes revealed that she had been drugged and raped while in college.

The alleged assault happened when she and some friends attended a party and some men that she thought were her friends drugged their wine.

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You are not alone.

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She called the event one of the most difficult things in her life.

“I struggled with the shame and guilt that I had felt,” she said to Underwood. “It’s the most difficult thing in the world. It’s so painful, and it screws up every ounce of you. It took months for people…like, men would like, touch my shoulder or graze my shoulder and I was triggered. It was awful. Like I couldn’t leave my house. It was so, so bad.”

Her strength and resilience left audiences wanting to know more about Miller-Keyes. Here’s what we know.

She’s Southern

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Turning everyday into a pizza party

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Miller-Keyes’ Bachelor profile says that she grew up in Fredericksburg, Virginia. She then went to Virginia Commonwealth University to get a degree in broadcast journalism.

She’s a Beauty Queen


In 2017, the Bachelor contestant won the title of Miss North Carolina USA. She was supposed to return back to the pageant to crown the next Miss North Carolina USA but missed the event in order to tape The Bachelor.

Miller-Keyes went on to compete in the Miss USA pageant in May of 2018. She made it to the final round of the competition where she came in second place to Sarah Rose Summers, Miss Nebraska.

At first, Miller-Keyes seemed to have a good relationship with most of the girls in the Miss USA circuit. She even lost gracefully and wished Summers luck in the Miss Universe pageant.

But as this season of The Bachelor began to air, it became clear that she and her former Miss USA roommate Hannah Brown, who is also a contestant on the show, didn’t get along so well.

But no one really knew what the feud was about.

“When Miss USA was over, Caelynn came to stay with me and my girlfriend in Los Angeles, ”Austin Ryde, a photographer and makeup artist to Miss USA contestants told Vulture in an interview. “She had just gotten a text from Hannah, which I saw. I can’t recall the exact wording, but the general idea of the text was Caelynn made it a very difficult time for Hannah at Miss USA, and Hannah, in a very nice but direct way, said, ‘Congratulations, you placing so high is a huge deal, but I need you to know you weren’t a nice person and not very positive, and that took away from my experience.’ That was the falling out.”

She Likes to Travel

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I’ll be over here pretending it’s summer

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Miller-Keyes expressed to Underwood early on that she loves to travel. Her Bachelor profile even says that she traveled to Japan for a first date once!

She also mentioned that she got dumped in Thailand. Hopefully, her travels with Underwood will end a bit differently.

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