Who Is the Man Behind Marshmello?

Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram and SoundCloud, the next greatest musician can attempt to get their name out there with a little help from the public. With excellent music and a notable face to go with it, we’ve seen some stars blow up overnight and attain record deals quickly. And soon, their face with their music is all the music world can pay attention to.

It seems some musicians are purely in it for their beats while still hoping to keep their identities anonymous, however — and Marshmello is one of them. We know this electronic dance music producer and DJ best for his hits like “Happier” featuring Bastille and “Wolves” featuring Selina Gomez — but he’s also known for never taking his large white marshmallow-shaped headpiece off. Here’s who Marshmello really is, as well as why he won’t unmask himself.

All evidence points to Chris Comstock being Marshmello

Talk of the man behind the Marshmello alias has been going on for years in EDM circles. Forbes notes back when Katie Couric was interviewing Skrillex in 2015, Marshmello called him. And to that, Katie announced, “It’s Chris,” which Skrillex then corrected with, “Oh, Marshmello.” Now, Forbes has concluded that Marshmello is, in fact, Chris Comstock, also known by his other stage name, Dotcom.

As for how Comstock’s identity was uncovered, the publication notes that Marshmello is registered as a songwriter and musician through music royalty manager BMI. And according to BMI’s public database, searching for either Marshmello or Comstock yielded the same results — that is, until it was wiped. Forbes added that after they sent an email to Marshmello’s management proving the link to Comstock, BMI took away their info that was available for public search.

Sleuthing aside, social media has also unmasked Marshmello’s identity in the past. Twitter users found Marshmello and Comstock had the same leg tattoo back in 2016, and another producer accidentally added footage of Marshmello without his helmet on to his Instagram story.

Comstock has been nominated for quite a few awards for his music

At this point, it’s well-established that Comstock is definitely Marshmello, and the young producer has already won awards for his music. According to Heightline, he started gaining serious notoriety back in 2015 via SoundCloud, and by 2017, he was catching the attention of other EDM artists and pop stars who were hoping to work with him. As noted before, when he’s not busily performing as alias Marshmello, he’s known as Dotcom and has a huge following under that name alone.

At only 26-years-old, Comstock has a seriously impressive net worth, too. Heightline notes it’s estimated to be around $21 million, putting him on the list of the highest-paid DJs in the world. Considering his career really took off a mere four years ago, we’re sure we’ll see plenty of more hits from Marshmello and Dotcom for years to come.

Here’s why he’ll never come forward with his identity


Will we ever see Marshmello take off his helmet for a crowd? While Comstock will proudly stand as the face of Dotcom, it seems he may never actually admit he’s the man behind the Marshmello mask. He’s even joked about it on Twitter in the past as Marshmello. “My name is Chris…short for Christmas came early,” the tweet back in 2015 said.

While Marshmello doesn’t speak to journalists, Forbes notes he did have an interaction with them via video that also indicated he would never truly reveal himself. When the journalists asked him if he would ever remove the helmet, he gave two thumbs down. He later took to Twitter and wrote, “I don’t take my helmet off because I don’t want or need fame. I’m genuinely trying to create something positive for people to connect with.”

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