Who Is Wells Adams, Sarah Hyland’s Boyfriend?

The young stars of the popular sitcom Modern Family have long been subject to intense scrutiny. Every aspect of their lives is laid bare in headlines that examine everything from their legal troubles to romantic relationships. One of the actors on the hit show, Sarah Hyland, has enjoyed a relationship that has been relatively free from the drama that plagues many young stars. Her dating relationship with her boyfriend Wells Adams is an adorable model of what a healthy, supportive partnership looks like in young Hollywood.

How much does Sarah Hyland make on ‘Modern Family’?

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams
Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams | Wells Adams via Instagram

Hyland plays the oldest daughter Haley Dunphy on Modern Family and is one of the original stars of the show. Hyland was born in 1990, and in spite of her young age, has been acting in films almost her entire life. She appeared in movies opposite such big names as Howard Stern and Jennifer Aniston well before she was even in her teens, and has acted in a wide variety of television shows and soap operas.

Her role on Modern Family is what has endeared Hyland the most to fans, however. Her trademarks are her signature large, soulful eyes, and intense emotional presence. Hyland is also well-known for her comedic sense and excellent timing. Hyland has made such a large impact during her time on the show that her net worth has risen to $9 million in 2018. Sarah Hyland’s career is showing no signs of slowing down either – she’s still going strong on Modern Family, with the show now in its tenth season.

How long have Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams been dating?

Like any other young, popular celebrity, Hyland has had several high-profile relationships, including with co-stars Matt Prokop and Dominic Sherwood. However, once she started dating Wells Adams in 2017, she hasn’t looked back. Hyland said in an interview that the two met when he messaged her on social media, telling her about his love for Modern Family, and asking to take her out for tacos the next time she was in Los Angeles. The two bonded quickly (including over their shared love for gourmet cuisine!) and moved in together by August 2018.

Adams is a popular personality in his own right. He’s a former contestant on the Bachelorette TV show and currently DJs his own radio show.

Adams supported Hyland through her health troubles

Hyland has dealt with her fair share of health problems, in spite of her young age. She was born with kidney dysplasia, a condition that causes cysts to occasionally develop on her kidneys. In 2012, Hyland had to have her first kidney transplant, donated by her father. By 2017, it was medically necessary for her to have another transplant due to her body starting to reject the first donated kidney.

Her brother agreed to donate his kidney for the second transplant, and Hyland went in for the surgery in late 2017. Her boyfriend was there for her throughout the hospital stay and the entire exhaustive recovery. In a recent interview, Hyland admitted that Adams has seen her at her worst and the fact that he still finds her beautiful helps her to feel more confident.

Hyland and Adams: social media sweethearts

The young pair is definitely in love, and enjoy commenting on each other’s Instagram posts frequently. Adams also helps defend Hyland against occasional online trolls, who sometimes feel the need to skinny-shame Hyland or remark negatively on her weight.

In spite of the demands of Hyland’s career, the two make seeing each other frequently a priority. Is engagement news just around the corner for Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams? It certainly seems like these two are in it for the long run.