Who Plays Beta on ‘The Walking Dead’ and What’s He Most Famous For?

As The Walking Dead walks into its ninth season, we can’t help but wonder who will be this season’s big bad guy. Now that Negan has been sufficiently neutralized, we will need another villain to love and hate. Someone we want to see killed in a horrible death, but also want to see return each week. Who could fill the shoes that Negan left behind?

You can’t have The Walking Dead without a supervillain trying to steal the spotlight. For season nine we can expect to see Ryan Hurst fill this position in the role of Beta. 

In TWD comic book series, we know that Beta is second in command of a group called the Whisperers. The Whisperers is a group of survivors that wear the skin of the walkers in order to blend in with them. So, we already know this bad guy will make us cringe.

Where have we seen Ryan Hurst?

Ryan Hurst has played several popular roles in recent years. One of his most notable is his role as Opie Winston in the FX network drama series Sons of Anarchy which lasted seven seasons.

Hurst seems to have a knack for conflicted and troubled bad guy roles, and we can’t wait to see him as Beta.

He is also known for his role as Tom Clark in the show Taken. You might also remember him playing Gerry Bertier in Disney’s Remember the Titans, Sergeant Ernie Savage in We Were Soldiers, and as Chick in Bates Motelanother creepy yet memorable role.

What can we expect from Beta and the Whisperers? 

In order for Hurst to turn Beta into a chaos driven foe, he will have to find a way to make us love to hate him. We will want to see him each week so we can speculate what kind of damage he will do. As far as TWD bad guys go, he has some pretty big shoes to fill.

Can Beta stand his ground against past villains like Merle, Gareth, The Governor, and Negan? We think so, here’s why. 

At the start of the season of Sons of Anarchy, Hurst signed up to play Opie Winston. This role was only supposed to be a recurring character. By the second season of the show, Hurst’s character had become a pivotal role, and Hurst was officially a main cast member. By the end of the show, Opie had become a fan favorite according to IMBD

Another reason we think he will make a good villain in season nine of TWD is the creepiness factor. He is a bad guy that wears the skin of walkers on his face. One look at the pictures posted on Instagram makes you want to turn and look away, but you can’t because you might miss something big. 

How closely will his character mirror the comic? 

Unfortunately, there is no way to know for sure how closely the Show will mirror the comic book series. There have been so many differences between the two since the start of the show, leaving many fans wondering about Beta.

Over the years the show has taken many creative liberties. One of which is with Carol. In the show she is tough, transformed by the world around her. She has become a fan favorite, but in the comic book series, she never turns into the strong female lead we are used to seeing in the show. 

As far as we know Beta may end up being just like the comic version. On the other hand, the show’s writers might decide to take Beta to a different level.